Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act

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  • Sexual Harassment Complaint

    Filing a Sexual Harassment Complaint The Dothan City School System includes a process for filing a sexual harassment complaint in their Personnel Board Policies under Section 5.14, sub - section(s) 5.14.3 and 5.14.4. Sexual harassment is recognized by the Dothan City Schools Board of Education (DCBOE) as a form of sexual discrimination which is prohibited by anyone connected to or representing the DCBOE. The system has both an informal and formal complaint process in place. The informal…

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  • A Massacre In Memphis Summary

    In 1866, one year following the civil war, Memphis broke out suddenly and dramatically with a three-day outbreak of racial violence. This included the whites rioting through neighborhoods that consisted of black people. Forty-six freed people were murdered by the moment the fires destroying black churches and schools had been put out. Congress was irate at the fact white opposition in the conquered South initiated what was called the Radical Reconstruction. This was a policy put in place to…

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  • Fair Lending Case Summary

    be traced back to a 1976 redlining case in Oakley, Cincinnati. It was not until 1968, when the Fair Housing Act and other federal provisions regarding discrimination became law binding. A precedent regarding the application and interpretation of the anti-discrimination provisions was waiting to be set for local neighborhoods in the United States. Robert Laufman, a leading Cincinnati civil rights attorney, would be the one to set such a precedent by brining the first fair lending case to the…

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  • Disability Act History

    connects with the Disability Act because they both explain that even though a person may have a disability the still have abilities like everyone else. The Disability Act is a very important act in U.S history because of what it states, the history of the act, and the challenges faced. There are many different parts to the Disabilities Act and one of the parts is equality. The Disability Act makes sure that everyone has full access to every aspect in ones life. The Disability Act removes…

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  • Desegregation In The 1950's

    This was proved to be untrue during the civil rights movement of the 1950’s/60’s when African Americans became increasingly vocal about their extreme displeasure with segregation (White Southerners' Reactions to the Civil Rights Movement | Department of State). They began to organize a series of grassroots groups that fought for the desegregation of public facilities across America…

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  • Gender Inequality Research Paper

    supervisor to be someone with the “power to hire, fire, fail to promote, reassign to a task with significantly different duties, or cause a significant change in benefits available to the victim.” This dramatically changes how Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the current standing law regarding workplace rights, which is used in harassment cases, can be applied. Title VII holds supervisors and employers to a different standard, with a supervisor being easier to prove for harassment than an…

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  • Analysis Of Malcolm X's Only Daughter By Sandra Cisnero

    Malcolm X’s article “A Homemade Education” discusses his journey through prison and how the experience helped him meet his expectations of himself and of the African American community. He explains his life in prison as a time in which he transitioned himself from uneducated to educated by the use of literature and writing. Sandra Cisnero’s “Only Daughter” reviews the expectations that her father had for her life and how this was something that she always wanted to fulfill and his approval was…

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  • Case Study: Alaimo V. Thompsonville Fire And EMS Department

    discriminated against an was due his return to his past position with back pay. This case again shows, specific issues with retaliation being taken against subordinates without due process and could actual fall into a Title VII Civil Rights Act case, but the District of Columbia has a Civil Process for adjudicating employee…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Mlk's I Have A Dream Speech

    “This sweltering summer of the Negro's legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating autumn of freedom and equality”. He compared the burning summer, which is the unhappiness of black people, to the refreshing autumn, which is the civil rights that they were promised. In the summer, from the high temperature, people sense like if they were boiling, this gives a feeling of suffering and frustration. Black people feel the same way because they are not getting their rights. On…

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  • Civil Rights Dbq

    rights as freed people. The Civil Rights Acts portrays how much the government did little to none for African American throughout the United States, and how the Civil Rights act affected people. During the year 1866 congress passed the civil rights act. This act defined United States citizenship for the first time and affirmed that all male citizen was equally protected…

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