Pelvic fracture

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  • Chlamydia

    cervix, then to the uterus and finally fallopian tubes. Once the disease is past the cervix it is usually classified at pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Davies et al. (2014) shows that diagnosis of chlamydia increase the risk of PID by 50%. Each patient that acquired the infection again increased the risk by another 20%. Most women will typically present with symptoms of pelvic pain, menstrual changes, dyspareunia, low back pain, past history…

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  • Chlamydia Research Paper

    women who are sexually active are in an increased risk of infection because the cervix (the entrance to the uterus) has not been fully formed and is more susceptible to infections. The early detention of this disease and prompt treatment can prevent Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in women and avoid…

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  • Essay On Biopolitical Control

    THE INCREASED BIOPOLITICAL CONTROL OF WOMEN’S BODIES THROUGH REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH CARE REGULATION; AN INTERSECTIONAL ANALYSIS. Recently proposed laws that enact abortion and reproductive health care regulation have been marked as safety precautions in order to protect the health of women. However, these laws do not consider which groups are most often impacted by their enactment, and what the consequences of said enactment may be. If clinics in low income neighborhoods cannot meet…

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  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Analysis

    Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is one of the most common infections in non-pregnant women of reproductive age, remains an important public health problem. It is associated with major long-term sequelae, including tubal factor infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and chronic pelvic pain. In addition, treatment of acute PID and its complications incurs substantial health care costs. Prevention of these long-term sequelae is dependent upon development of treatment strategies based on knowledge of the…

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  • Orthopedic Injury Case Study

    with multiple fractures must be fully assessed prior to initiating treatment. This patient needs immediate attention for the fractured ribs and pelvis. Flail chest, which results from multiple ribs being fractured can be a life threatening injury. A fractured pelvis can cause life threatening bleeding due to injury to structures protected by the pelvis. If the pelvis ring is not damaged, the fracture is not as serious (Campagne, 2014). In the event the pelvis ring is broke, a pelvic splint…

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  • The Anatomical Model

    Structure and Functionality: For the anatomical model project, the pelvic girdle was researched and modeled. This part of the body is interesting to learn about due to its’ sheer complexity and versatile grouping of bone. The pelvic girdle supports and balances the trunk, connects it to the legs and and contains and supports the intestines, urinary bladder, and internal sex organs. Another fascinating facet of the pelvis is that it is the only bone in the body that is gender specific. Males have…

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  • Open Limb Fracture Essay

    Open limb fractures are commonly encountered as part of our daily practice. They are often complex injuries to manage and require a multidisciplinary team due to the musculoskeletal and associated soft-tissue injuries (1-3). The annual incidence of open fractures of long bones is 11.5 per 100,000 persons per year with 40% of them occur in the Lower Limb (LL) (4,5). Several classification systems have been used to grade the extent of injury and helped define the contemporary approach to the…

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  • Bones In The Adult Skeletal System

    us. The bones of the legs, pelvis, Are back hold up the body to maintain are posture, the jaw supports the teeth, mostly all the bones in our body support our muscles and tendons in our body. They also protect our brain, spinal cord, lungs, heart, pelvic viscera, and your bone marrow it also provides support and attachment of your arms and legs. Bone is a living tissue that is hard and can be soft but flexible enough to break. The…

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  • Reflection On Aging Well

    through the many volunteer organizations she is involved in and through being able to care for her grandsons in their time of need. I would say that Donna is mildly limited in her ability to reach an aspect of self-actualization due to the stress fractures in her feet keeping her from doing everything that she would like to do. Upon asking Donna if she would be interested in wellness initiatives in the county she responded that she is staying busy enough already and is not interested at this…

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  • Road Traffic Accidents Case Study

    wheelers involving mainly pedestrians were the most common cause for fatal head injury seen in 66 cases, 66%. Multiple abrasions were the most commonly seen external injury, seen in 68 cases, 68%. Skull bone fracture was seen in 40 cases, 40%. Temporal and parietal bones were common site of fracture seen in 41 cases, 41%.The mean survival period was 73.42 hours, range being 6 hours to 600 hours. Key Words: Road Traffic Accident, Head Injury, Four Wheelers, Two Wheelers, Pedestrians…

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