Pelvic fracture

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  • Hematoma Research Paper

    wall of blood vessels. These localized bleedings are mostly clotted and exists inside of an organ or soft tissue space, such as muscle. Various locations of hematomas include under the finger or toe nails, in the cartilage of an ear, in the muscles, pelvic bone, liver, spleen, kidney, and in other organs of the body. Treatment plans vary by location. Some hematomas are treated by surgery, or a simple drainage of the blood. Hematomas that form and clot in the brain can be identified as subdural,…

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  • Why Is Exercise Important In Australia Essay

    Get strong this spring Welcome to Spring! The weather is warmer and the days are getting longer. This makes it a perfect time to head outside and get active! The benefits of exercise are so significant that the Department of Health recommends all Australians aged 18-64 to get 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each day. Those aged 65 and over are recommended to work up to 30 minutes each day at the level of their ability (provided they have their doctor’s clearance). We know the benefits…

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  • Transvaginal Mesh

    Synthetic plastic makes up this device, which appears to be a net with very small holes. When treating pelvic organ prolapse, surgeons insert the medical device transvaginally to support the bladder, bowels and uterus and make certain they do not descend into the vagina. For those suffering from stress urinary incontinence, the transvaginal mesh works to…

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  • Osteosarcoma

    that dead tumor cells in the irradiated bone may stimulate a desirable immunologic reaction (Yamamoto, Akisue, Marui, Nagira, & Kurosaka, 2002).There was no evidence of local recurrence or symptoms of graft failure such as extreme pain or severe fracture happening in patients treated with extracorporeal irradiation (50 Gy) (Araki et al., 1999). Lung…

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  • Summary: The Skeletal System

    over time, cause weakness in the bones. The level of damage that can occur depends on the amount of time spent in bed rest. The longer the amount of time in bed rest, the greater risk one is at for experiencing detrimental effects, such as a bone fracture. This is caused by the continual loss of bone mass. The stress on the bones that is normally there is no longer there, attributing to the bone weakness. One test that can be performed is testing the amount of fecal calcium that is excreted by…

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  • Case Study: Teenage Pregnancy And Option A

    relevant knowledge, while finding the optimal solution. In option A, there are two sides. One side is that Sandy was not pregnant. Due to Sandy’s symptom what was nauseated and very tired, she suspected pregnancy. Sandy had recovered from the ankle fracture, and her hemoglobin level was less than the normal range. Because of that, it could be vomiting and fatigue. This indicates that Sandy is a lack of sexual knowledge, and confuse the symptoms of pregnancy. To a certain extent reflects that…

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  • Approach To Care Of Cancer Essay

    Approach to Care of Cancer According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) “the number of new cancer cases will rise to 22 million within the next two decades” (U.S. Department of Health, 2015). Many children and adults are suffering with cancer. Families and friends need the resources and emotional support during this time. We can be a part of that change to make a difference in decreasing and preventing the chances of developing cancer by educating individuals on diet, physical activity,…

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  • Pell Grant Case Study

    Pell Grant and/or other federal/state aid (excluding merit awards) must be used for the purchase of tuition and fees, books, supplies, computers, software, assistive technology, room, board, and related training materials in order to demonstrate maximum effort in utilization of comparable benefits prior to using Division funds. The Division cannot designate that financial aid funds be used for in-home maintenance and use Division funds for the above educational expenses. If a person in a…

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  • Dead On Arrival Analysis

    Dead On Arrival Often times the unexpected happens and your life changes, sometimes for worse but more often than not for the best. In life we cannot predict what will happen to us. If we were afforded that ability life would be much easier and we most certainly would sustain less heartache. Instead we must take what is handed to us and make it pleasurable or better yet worthy of a life worth living. Or we can let it consume us in the depths of our inner most being. I refuse to lie down and be…

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  • Deep Vein Thrombosis Case Study

    Patient comes into the Emergency Room with a chief complaint of swelling and extreme pain in the left leg. After awaiting triage, the patient is finally seen by the physician. Temperature 96.8˚F, Heart Rate 129 beats per minute, Blood Pressure 102/60, Respiratory Rate 23, SPO2 100% on room air. Upon examination of his left leg, it is undeniably blue in color with significant swelling as compared to the right. Superficial veins are noticeably distended and the leg is cool to the touch. A Duplex…

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