Negative Effects Of ESWT Essay

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Negative Effects of ESWT on Bones and Lateral Epicondylitis
Gisselle Molina Diaz
Keiser University

Negative Effects of ESWT on Bones and Lateral Epicondylitis

Physical therapy is an essential part of the healing process of the human body. A big scope within physical therapy practice is the use of modalities. The main point of modalities is to transform energy from one form to another and take it as an advantage to heal damage tissue. According to research there is no evidence that encourage therapist and doctors to discontinue the use of this modality. On the other hand, there are some studies that refer to the sides effects on specific treatments and the risk of use it right following a bone fracture. Although the ESWT has reported great applications on tissue healing, the side effects of ESWT in tennis elbow (also known as lateral epicondylitis) and the cause of bone growth and immediate fracture after the acute stage, show that ESWT might not be the appropriate modality to treat those conditions.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy
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It works with pressure waves generated outside of the body to target damaged tissues. High-energy acoustic waves (shock waves) distribute a mechanical force to the body’s tissues. (Lohrer, Nauck, Korakakis & Malliaropoulos, 2016). The first use of this modality was in the disintegration of the kidney stone or renal calculi. After that, it has been implemented as a therapeutic modality in some musculoskeletal conditions. The use of this modality is not extensive here in the United States, but it can be seen in the treatment of plantar fasciitis or lateral epicondylitis. Otherwise, in Europe and other countries such as Japan medical professionals use it for nonunion fracture and pseudoarthrosis(Lohrer, Nauck, Korakakis & Malliaropoulos,

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