Acl Reconstruction Case Study

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The effect of NMES treatment on ACL reconstruction
Tori Nothnagel
Appalachian State University 1) Clinical Scenario
Athlete is a 19 year-old female soccer player that is post-surgical ACL reconstruction to her right knee. The injury is limiting activities, such as a normal walking gait. The athlete is on crutches, which is another activity limitation. The athlete also has limited muscle strength within the quads and has muscle atrophy on the injured leg. She has participation restrictions of not being able to play with the team this season. We’re going to treat the athlete with electrical stimulation in hopes of increasing muscle strength of the quads and the muscle mass to decrease the atrophy caused by limited use by getting a muscle contraction.
2) Focused Clinical Question
For athletes with ACL reconstruction, does electrical stimulation compared to no electrical stimulation as a part of rehabilitation improve quadriceps strength and muscle mass?
3) PICO Table with Search Terms
Patient/Population Intervention Comparison Outcome
ACL Motor electrical stimulation Control Activation
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Electrical stimulation Strength
Post-op Russian Electrical Stiumlation
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The athletes were not allowed to participate in the study if they were: women, had played for less than three years, a fracture in the last two years, a history of chronic ankle sprains, or had a history of Achilles tendon injuries. Before the trial began, all of the participants followed a typical ACL reconstruction surgery, received the same rehab program for sixteen to twenty-four weeks. After finishing the rehab program, the participants began an electrical stimulation

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