Pelvic fracture

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  • The Cause Of Osteoporosis

    million fractures resulting from osteoporosis. The cost…

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  • Essay On Fibrous Dysplasia

    Affected bones are often found on one side of the body. The disease does not spread from one bone to another People who have more than one affected bone typically develop symptoms before the age of 10. Symptoms may include: bone pain,bone deformities,fractures and nerve entrapment.Fibrous dysplasia has no cure.Treatment, which may include surgery, focuses on relieving signs and symptoms. Osteoporosis medications may help strengthen bones affected by fibrous dysplasia. This can…

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  • Paranasal Sinuses Case Study

    X-Ray Joints As we already know that knowledge of normal bone, joint and soft tissue appearances enables accurate description of abnormalities seen on X-ray. Systematically check the alignment of bone structures, joint spacing, integrity of bone cortex, medullary bone texture, and for abnormalities of any visible surrounding soft tissue structures. In Osteoarthritis look for LOSS: L-Loss of joint space O-Osteopyhtes S-Subcondral sclerosis S-Subchondral cysts X-Ray PNS Paranasal sinuses are air…

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  • Causes Of Osteoarthritis

    Osteoarthritis is a worldwide chronic condition that has impacted the lives on many people today, causing pain, deformity, and difficulty with daily physical tasks. This chronic condition is, “believed to have a genetic cause or predisposition, and is caused by wear and tear on a joint. The cartilage wears away and exposes the bone.” (Rosdahl and Kowalski, 2006, p.1235) This chronic condition generally targets individuals with obesity and it is most commonly found among women. The…

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  • Bunion Research Paper

    Have you seen that bony lump at the inside of your big toe joint? If you did, you are most likely to have a bunion. This enlargement is actually a misalignment of your big toe joint, which can have additional bone formation in some cases. Such misalignment makes your big toe to point outward going to your small toes. Bunion, or medically termed as hallux valgus, is a progressive condition that worsens over time. There is a less common bunion called bunionette or tailor's bunion, which is…

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  • Mandible Fracture Essay

    Fracture is defined as a discontinuity of the bone [1]. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon treats traumatic injuries. Most of the traumatic injuries are comprised of Mandibullar fractures. The most commonly fracture site in the body is the facial area [2, 3] and the most frequent site in the facial area is mandible [4, 5]. As facial area is without protective covering and the mandible is the most protruded bone this area. The occurrence of injuries in the facial area tends to be high in the facial…

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  • Bone Metastasis Research Paper

    of cancer. This treatment is different from standard chemotherapy. • Immunotherapies. These therapies use the body's defense (immune) system to fight cancer cells. • Surgery. You may have surgery to remove bone cancer or to prevent or repair a fracture. HOME CARE INSTRUCTIONS • Take medicines only as directed by your health care provider. • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while taking pain medicine. • Take the following steps to help prevent constipation, which can result…

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  • Chlamydi A Case Study

    Developing and piloting approaches for the valuation of outcomes associated with sexually transmitted diseases. A summary of work undertaken to date and plans for the future 1. Background Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. It is the commonest STI of bacterial origin, globally and in the United Kingdom (UK) (World Health Organisation, 2008). In 2014, Chlamydia was the most commonly diagnosed STI in the UK, with 47% of diagnoses,…

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  • A Psychotherapy: A Short Story

    Figuring out where you want to go and what you want to do with your life is a jigsaw puzzle. There are times when it’s just a big messy pile of seemingly unrelated pieces. Moments where it’s frustrating and difficult to find the pieces you need. Then slowly the edges are formed, the corners get placed and the picture starts to make sense. At four years old, I stared across the worn wooden floor of my grandma’s kitchen. In front of me was the person I had always believed was superwoman. Except…

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  • Case Study: The Salter-Harris Classification

    The Salter-Harris classification is a radiologic classification system, developed in the 1960s, to describe fractures involving the growth plate in pediatric patients.1 It divides the fractures into five categories based on the extent of damage to the growth plate based on the mnemonic SALTER; type I: Slip or Separation of the growth plate, type II: Above the growth plate, type III: Lower than the growth plate, type IV: Through the growth plate, and type V: Raised epiphysis. Children have open…

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