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  • California Adventure Research Paper

    This summer me and my family went to California. My grandparents paid for us to go to Disneyland, California Adventure, and Universal Studios. It was the best trip of my life. My favorite part was going to Hogwarts in Universal Studios. I had my Hogwarts shirt on. It had all of the houses on it. My mom kept telling me that she loves how I was wearing a Hogwarts shirt, at Hogwarts. When we first walked up to the entrance, we all were shocked. Me and my parents all are big Harry Potter fans. I…

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  • Econo Lodge Case Summary

    Summary: The article mainly talks about how Andrew Lewis, a former manager of corporate sales for Tiffany & Company, repositioned a former Econo Lodge and changed it from a despair hotel to a winner of the goal award and a nomination for Platinum as the only Quality Inn in the U.S. Before its reposition, the property lacked maintenance. It also had poor customer service, employee training, and management practice. To change the property, Andrew focused on changing the flag from Econo Lodge to…

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  • Personal Narrative-Come On Girls Wake Up !

    “Come on girls wake up!” My first instinct was to pull the covers over my head, turn the other way, and get up in ten minutes. When I reached for my blanket I remembered, I was in a sleeping bag in a tent on camp Pendleton, seven hours away from a sand-free warm bed. There was a quiet pause for a few seconds where you could hear the soothing sound of the waves nearby before my friends started to wake. Next to me Mackenzie groaned and yelped in pain. “Sister Jarvis, could I have the aloe?” She…

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  • Differences Between South Beach Miami And Sunny Isles

    Avenue at night by myself, I realized how relatively empty and quiet the streets were in contrast to those of South Beach. There were no night clubs or parties I could see, no restaurants buzzing with people, and the only colored lights were those on hotel signs and the dim yellow street lights. The noises were different too, listening I really only could hear the sounds of cars driving by and the buzzing of the street lights. Sunny Isles was just not as bustling and alive at night time as South…

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  • Narrative Essay About My Hawaii Vacation

    My Hawaiian vacation by:Jaedyn mitchell The colors Red,Orange ,Yellow , Pink , and purple . We ate s'mores and graham crackers throughout the night with the starry sky above our eyes We fell asleep at midnight .It was the next day We slept in ! we packed our bags , I called a taxi so we could make our way to the airport . We made it just in time to get on the plane back home I will never forget that vacation Today was the day ,We packed our bags and got ready to go to hawaii. Instead of…

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  • Personal Narrative: City Of Nightmares

    Jack Fisher City of Nightmares New York, the city of dreams, right? Wrong. I have lived in my “luxury” New York apartment building on 139 East 70th street for about six months now. I have been graced with belligerent language and overpriced...well, everything. It smells a lot worse than Chicago here, but I will admit, New York has a certain aura that pulls you deeper into its captivating chaos that it is so well-known for. One might think I moved all the way here for obvious reasons, but in…

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  • My Trip To Hawaii

    Last summer of 2017, I took an amazing seven day long trip to Hawaii with my brother, parents, and my grandparents. We had so much fun at the resort we stayed at called the Grand Wailea, there at the resort we checked into our amazing villa that is unforgettable and luxurious with the amazing view and pools. Also we went to the relaxing beaches next to the contraption of pools where we spent most of our time during the day. Finally, we went to an astonishing tourist attraction, the twin falls,…

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  • Black Friday Controversy Report

    Introduction On November 24th I got in my car, and drove down to my local mall. I did this to observe the new American tradition of Black-Friday. Black-Friday is a consumer holiday of sorts, that immediately follows Thanksgiving, and serves as the immediate transition into the Christmas season. It must be noted that this transition takes place nearly a full month prior to the holiday itself, creating a “Holiday Season”, rather than a day itself. I choose this site as it was similar to most…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Camping

    Camping is genuinely one of the most extremely good and precise styles of vacations there are, and you will locate yours a lot extra enjoyable if you ensure you're properly prepared for it! Check out the following article for some very precious recommendation on making your camping experience a full achievement! For a cheap and disposable tarp to the location underneath your Best Shower Tent 2018, keep an old bathe curtain! It can also be used as a base for cooking or washing vicinity, in which…

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  • Mistakes To Avoid In The Dining Room Essay

    Want to change your interior? Before committing the irreparable, discover the pitfalls to avoid in the layout of your home. ______________________________ Mistakes to avoid in the dining room 1 Do not respect the dimensions of the dining room Avoid going to a furniture store without measuring your room. With a good plan, it is easier to soak up the space. 2 Choose the decoration before the furniture It is recommended that you first think about your furniture…

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