My Trip To Florida

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Have you ever been on a trip that was such an unforgettable memory? Well I have and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I am going to be talking about many things like when we had to fly there, or most of my family came so it was really expensive, and finally there were fun activities to do on the cruise and in the Bahamas.

To begin, my family and I had to fly to Florida and it was my first experience on a plane (I’ve been on a plane but when I was really little so I didn’t remember it). We had to wait til it was 12 am so we went to go get food at the Phoenix Airport more specifically we went to eat Panda Express and even more specifically I ate white rice and orange chicken. My cousin decided to make videos to remember this
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The majority of my family arrived and met us at Florida and my favorite cousin from Wyoming came too which was fun. Then we finally got onto the cruise (with all our food we bought) and I ran up to my room and ate my chips on the ship or more specifically I ate sour gummy bears and takis. So my family was divided into people there was adults, then the teen, and finally the kids. Since I was eleven years old I had to be part of the kids and the teens because sometimes the kids and teens would leave me. Pretty much the adults just sat at the eating area and would talk most of the time. Then the teens would just talk about boys and would do their make up most of the time. Then there was us little kids which we would just run around the ship playing tag or hide and seek and I was the champion of both games. My family was pretty much scattered around the ship so it was really hard to find my family especially the little …show more content…
Pretty much when we were at the Bahamas we went to the beach and bought bags to hold our other things we got on the trip. There was this one memory where my cousin ate a lot so they puked in the beach and my family ran away from it. Most of the time the little kids and I would go onto the rock climbing wall and we were all bad except for my cousin who came from Wyoming. Most of the time on the cruise I would go with the little boys and have fun and mess around. On the day we went to the private Bahama island, there was a slide but a really fast one so my 7 year old cousin didn’t want to go so cousin from Wyoming and I took his tickets and went on it and it was fast and was very terrifying. Another activity was there was a dj stand and he would put music so at night everyone would come out and dance but the only people in my family who danced was my little cousins and I (and like a hundred of other

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