Northanger Abbey

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  • Persuasion Character Analysis

    Isabella, a foil to the heroine Catherine Morland, is described as a beautiful twenty-one-year-old girl (cf. Northanger Abbey 32f.) who loves being the centre of attention and especially enjoys attracting the attention of men and flirting with them (cf. ibid. 41). As Catherine, whom she befriends early during their stay in Bath, is not only younger but also naïve and…

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  • Jane Austen's Parody In Gothic Novels

    Jane Austen led the reader and Catherine to believe the spunky General Tilney to be the typical gothic novel’s murderous husband in her book Northanger Abbey. Catherine held a healthy suspicion of General Tilney, even if it was only prompted by her overactive imagination as a gothic novel fangirl. I believe that Jane Austen’s parody wasn’t created in order to belittle the fans of gothic novels, but for the sake of the reader as a cautionary warning of the imminent danger within the bounds of…

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  • Jane Austen's Style Of Abuse

    in question range from the parent being generally annoying, as in the case of Mrs. Bennett in Pride in Prejudice, to the parent being outright abusive. Two such abusive parents are Mrs. Ferrars in Sense and Sensibility, and General Tilney in Northanger Abbey. These two make for an interesting case study when placed side by side as each one’s particular style of abuse reflects the gender roles of Austen’s time. As implied above, General Tilney and Mrs. Ferrars are abusive in different ways,…

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  • The Narrator In In Under Western Eyes

    “The narrator is the person from whose perspective a story is told.” They are the ones responsible for recounting the events that occur in the book. There is various types of narrators that one can find in novels: First-person singular, third-person limited, omniscient., and many more including alterations of these mentioned. Wayne Booth declares: “Even the most unconscious and Dionysian of writers succeeds only if he makes us join in the dance”; this inclusion is achieved through the narrator.…

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  • Jane Austen Romanticism

    The Romantic writers of the late eighteen century and early nineteen century later called Romanticism writers borrowed their images and structure from the Christian religious cannon. This is because the Christian religion has influenced the western civilization and swallowed other rival religions (Northrop Frye 2009: 34). Furthermore, most of the Romantic writers that fall into this category are sons and daughters of the clergy and therefore influenced by the Christian religious dogma (Rosen…

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  • Attention Getter Of Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

    Persuasion published 1817 after her death tells the story of love separated due to financial barriers and years later if the lovers will reunite after all is said and done. 6. Northanger Abbey published in 1817 also after her death. This novel is said to have been Jane’s most light hearted novel even though still tackles serious issues in matrimony Transition: Now that her works were discussed I will go on to speak about how her…

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  • Short Essay On Pride And Prejudice

    It actually balances and expresses its human content. Some of the settings of Jane Austen’s novel reflect the county environment in which she spent most of her life. The form of this novel could be dialectic. During the 1797-1798 Jane wrote Northanger Abbey, it published posthumously. That’s a fine satirical novel. It’s also most sport of the popular gothic novel of terror. (“McGraw- Hill Company”, 1973) Some other information about her books. The book “Mansfield Park”. That’s one of her most…

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  • 18th And 19th Century: A Literary Analysis

    is to convey that after all of those years Emma still refused to get over the love that she had for a man who she never knew. Women are often portrayed as flighty and daydreamers in novels, whether it be about men or not. This can be seen in Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen which was written in the late 18th century. The leading character of this novel Catherine Morland would spend her time daydreaming about gothic novels and pretending that was…

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  • Money And Social Class Analysis

    The Oxford English Dictionary defines social class as: “people having the same social, economic, or educational status” ( One of the first things people wonder about when they are introduced to someone new is what kind of job they have and how much money they make. We as humans like to judge others; we like to see how we can improve ourselves by looking at other people and what they are doing and we like to see if we can be successful like them, or…

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  • Jane Austen Research Paper

    J.K. Rowling, an esteemed author, once stated, “Jane Austen is the pinnacle to which all other authors aspire.” Perhaps such a statement is radical, but it is undisputable that tales such as Pride and Prejudice are well-loved classics. Jane Austen had a childhood that poised her for success, a sudden development of her career, wrote many pieces of literature, is known for various themes and genres, used various literary techniques, and has won a variety of awards. Jane Austen was a phenomenal…

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