Northanger Abbey

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  • Summary In Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey

    In Jane Austen’s novel, Northanger Abbey, Henry Tilney takes amusement in Catherine Morland’s wide-eyed, easily awed, and often simple nature, which allows him to pridefully exert his witty, biting words over her. Henry maintains a condescending and witty attitude towards women when speaking to Catherine, continuing to poke fun at the “silly” nature of their behavior compared to his. He expresses himself sharply and often imperiously around both Catherine and his sister, with Catherine not being…

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  • Essay On Relationships In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

    The novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen could not have been named better. This is because of the personalities that result in the actions of the two main characters, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. Elizabeth Bennett, or Lizzie, is one of the five Bennett daughters, but is nothing like her other sisters. She completely refutes society’s ideas about a woman’s purpose and marriage. This often leads to her having more pride than the average woman of the Regency Period. Elizabeth does…

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  • Theme Of Bildungsroman In Jane Eyre

    Jane Eyre by charlotte Bronte corresponds to the literary genre called Bildungsroman. It relates to the educative events of the journey life takes from childhood to adulthood. The passage studied in this essay is also classed as Gothic genre which features supernatural element like the voice of Mr Rochester Jane recalls clearly hearing out of an unlikely place. In this novel we see Jane growing up in adversary environments passing through a lot of obstacles which she must surmount to survive.…

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  • Elizabeth Bennet Friendship Analysis

    What is friendship? More importantly, what is female friendship? Jane Austen answers these questions in her book Pride and Prejudice , through the friendships of the protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet. Throughout the book, Austen takes us through two main friendships within Elizabeth's life. One that is shared with her sister Jane and the other with her neighbor Charlotte. These relationships offer different insights into what it takes to be in a female friendship. With Jane, the bond shared is much…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between Jane Austen And Persuasion

    Though shy in real life, Jane Austen’s personality and wit shines through her heroines in her novels. Her works provide an inside perspective of her world and her mind. Her last completed work, Persuasion, challenges and also defends the status quo of class structure in early nineteenth-century British society through the character of Anne Elliot. Anne Elliot provides the reader with a sense of pride concerning her birth and rank, which was expected from a woman of her standing at that time.…

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  • Social Class In Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

    Harrish Bhela AP English Lit 3/16/18 Pride and Prejudice is a romantic narrative written by Jane Austen which presents Netherfield, England time period differing from our era. Austen uses the romantic life of his two main characters Elizabeth Bennet and an aristocrat Fitzwilliam Darcy to bring out his ideas perfectly to the readers. The novel is much more than a straightforward romantic book as it is a real critical reflection of the societies today and addresses several other themes apart…

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  • Les Miserables Character Analysis

    "Character Studies for Les Miserables." Stuartfernie. Stuart Fernie, n.d. Web. 16 Mar. 2015. Stuart Fernie is one of the most famous writers, that's why I choose his article from his own website. In this article Fernie talks about the main characters, he focuses on the way of how they act, think and gives background about each one of them. He mentions many examples, and I'm interested in Valjean character because he is the most famous character in this novel. Fernie focuses on…

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  • Comparing Catherine And Heathcliff In Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights

    relationship between Catherine and Heathcliff. Brontë suggests gothic complexity through transgressing normal the limits of love and life . 3.2.1. The Setting and Weather Wuthering Heights does contain some elements of the Gothic conventions; however, there are many deviations and innovations made by the writer. As it is previously mentioned in chapter one , early Gothic novels typically take the setting of a dark manor or a haunted castle , whereas the setting in Wuthering Heights is the…

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  • Evocation In Atonement

    Imagine that you are reading a romance novel and never felt the sharp pang of love lost, how would readers like you react to the overall quality of the novel? Authors and directors utilise various literary devices and techniques in order to evoke emotional responses within their readers or viewers. The goal of evocation is to manipulate the audience’s emotion in order to evoke certain responses and reactions. Writers may utilise a character as a focal character who expresses feelings and…

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  • Charlotte Bronte's Use Of French Language In Jane Eyre

    Charlotte Brontë, writer of the novel ‘Jane Eyre’, was a born in a typical British family. She was one of six children, of which three survived into adulthood. Except for her time spent at a boarding school in Brussels, she stayed most of her life in England. In ‘Jane Eyre’ though, a variety of foreign countries are talked about. India, France and Jamaica play an important role in the novel. The novel shows us the relationship between England and a handful of other places. Jane is the main…

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