William Wordswroth's Tintern Abbey

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In “Tintern Abbey” by William WordsWroth, He revisits a place called The River Wye with his sister after five years. Throughout his tour, he discovers that his experience this time differs from the one when he was young. Simply because he looks at nature from a new mature perspective; he views nature in a very deep way with an intense understanding. In this essay, I will interpret one of the stanzas in the poem which describes what Wordsworth was feeling during that particular moment of his tour. I did not have difficulty reading the stanza but when i read closely I was able to interpret it through Wordthworth’s vision. Feeling and experiencing nature in the present will bring you peace, wisdom and understanding of life not only at the moment, but whenever you dwell on its memory in the future. In stanza four, he narrates,

“ While here I stand, not only with the sense
Of present
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He makes it clear that only the thought of this enjoyable experience could restore his energy and change his temporary state of mind. Metaphorically, he speaks of these thoughts as food that could nourish his soul in the future whenever he feels down or occupied by the daily life responsibility. The food that could repair any negative energy to a cheerful moment. I believe that these types of thoughts could teach him to forget about the past and focus on the present and the future; however, it still gives him hope for the future. In stanza five, lines (110-111) the poet says “ The anchor of my purest thoughts” which relates to how nature purifies Wordsworth’s thinking and creates a relaxing peace of mind that he could remember when he leaves the place. Its almost like it sinks him into a different world without any worries. Most importantly, it brings him joy and happiness that he could dwell on later in his

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