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  • How Does Plato's Allegory Of The Cave Relate To Education

    was considered to be the father of educational philosophy. Plato used to be a follower of Socratic in education. He is the one who founded the Academy in Athens and wrote many philosophical works including The Republic, which outlines Plato's utopian society and his thoughts about political and educational issues (Gutek, 2009). Historically, Plato's beliefs in philosophical thought are the idea of perennials, perennials is an educational philosophy based on idealism. Idealism is directly traced…

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  • Immanuel Kant's Critique Of German Idealism

    (1781/1787) sparked a new movement among many European philosophers, known as the age of German Idealism. Names such as Fichte, Schelling, and Hegel are all in the realm of German Idealism, each bringing their own ideas to complete the system of philosophy itself, and specifically destroy, defend, or further develop the concept of human rationalism. There is an agglomeration of world-renowned philosophers in the era of German Idealism, but this essay will focus on only two, Johann Gottlieb…

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  • The Notion Of Witchcraft Explains Unfortunate Events Analysis

    social Anthropologist that was known for relating Moral Philosophy and Religion systematically with Social Behavior. He was distinctly Humanist, associating with the ideas of structural-functionalism and cultural translation.“The Notion of Witchcraft Explains Unfortunate Events” In this article Evans-Pritchard is breaking down the Azande’s philosophy on Witchcraft. This is so he can understand the rationality that is behind such a philosophy even though these are intelligent people. The purpose…

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  • Castaño's Philosophy: I Am A Questioning Being

    Alyckssa Maye J. Castaños Philosophy 15 - AGA I am a Questioning Being: One who wants, to know, and one who acts upon knowing Humans when exposed to similar triggering factor do not necessarily have similar response because interpretations of the trigger may vary according to his/her analysis, exposure, culture, values and other factors. These are all because humans are rational beings, we’re thinking beings. One of the principles of Rene Descartes is “cogito, ergo sum” ― “I think…

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  • The Role Of Optimism In Voltaire's Candide

    typical mentors. Pangloss knows little about the structure of the world since he lived only an idle life inside a castle. Candide has never had a direct experience with the outside world. Therefore, he without any question believes in Pangloss’s philosophy. Candide is incredibly gullible, faithful, idealistic, and innocent to an extreme level. He believes and accepts Pangloss’s overrated optimistic worldview. Moreover he blindly continues to hold to it through a dam of executions, gauntlets,…

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  • How To Write An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding By Jc Mr. Hume

    JC Mr. Hume I wish to discuss your theory of causation and necessary connection, which have become the subject of much controversy among later thinkers. I would like you to clear up many of the things that these philosophers believe are controversial about your work. But first, in order to do so I think it is only fair that we first clear up what your goals were in writing An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding. DH I do agree that in order to best understand my theory it would be…

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  • Ethical Choice: The Utilitarian Approach

    when reviewing these ethical philosophies is that the argument and conclusions of the philosophers often reflects that philosopher 's social benefit. In other words, someone that desires no human relation with someone ranked in a lower caste would, however, marry up to someone in a higher class. Like the allegory of the naked emperor, such a person would fail to realize the pretense. Ethical Choice: Utilitarianism From the cornucopia of types of ethical philosophies, the utilitarian…

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  • The Myth Of Philosophy Martin Analysis

    A Look into Philosophy By Shannon Martin *Philosophy is difficult to define as there are so many levels involved in the art of philosophy. Philosophy is not the act of arguing against everything just for the sake of argument or disagreement. Philosophy is about seeking wisdom, enlightenment and viewing all areas of a subject. The word philosophy is broken down from its Greek origin as “the love or pursuit of wisdom”. “It is an activity that reflects passion, commitment, and…

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  • Influence Of The European Revolution On European Life During The 16th And 17th Century

    appropriately and now they are treated poorly. She talked about wanting to open a natural philosophy school, but she couldn’t because she was a woman: “Were it allowable for our sex, I might set up my own school of natural philosophy. … For thought the muses [and] Graces … are all of the female gender, yet they were more esteemed in the former ages, than they are now.” (doc. 9). During this time period many political, or natural, philosophers pioneered the boundaries of the power of the church…

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  • Essay On Relativism

    them hold their own opinions as the truth. Philosophy’s goal is to find out, and raise questions as to what the undeniable truth is and relativism can be a dangerous obstacle in this goal of searching for the absolute truth. Philosophers have a natural curiosity to question all aspects of life, and want to find what the underlying truth is. It is difficult to scrutinize every single belief you hold in order to find out whether your belief is just that, or if it is…

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