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  • Essay On Canada Identity

    Over the many years and wars that Canada has gone through. The identity of Canada has been shaped differently, from each of the topics that I have researched I believe that Canada 's identity has been shaped in a positive way. Dating back to when the women from Manitoba have shaped Canada 's identity they have greatly shaped it when they were able to win the right to vote in January 1916. Winning the right for women to vote was a great accomplishment for women 's rights in Canada. When the…

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  • Cause Of The Korean War Essay

    In 1950, the Korean War began as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or North Korea, invaded the Republic of Korea in the south across the 38th parallel. Shortly after the start of the war, American and United Nations (U.N.) troops joined the battle and fought alongside South Korea. Correspondingly, General Douglas MacArthur had been named commander of the U.N. forces by the United Nations Security Council. Both President Harry Truman and General MacArthur acknowledged the significance of…

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  • Causes Of The Cold War Dbq

    faulty economy made Western Europe a perfect breeding ground for a communist revolution. To the surprise of many, Western Europe was able to remain free and democratic with the help of the United States and NATO. NATO was formed in 1949 by the United States and 11 other Western Nations (Doc E). NATO had the goal of preventing communism from spreading further from the Communist Eastern bloc. The United States was highly successful in containing…

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  • Constructivism Vs Neorealism

    For these summaries, I read about institutions, constructivist view of politics, the unipolar system and how China might develop into a world power. The first article is, “The False Promise of International Institutions” by John J. Mearsheimer. The second article is, “Constructing International Politics” by Alexander Wendt. The third article is, “Unipolarity, State Behavior, And Systemic Consequences” by G. John Ikenberry, Michael Mastanduno and William C. Wohlforth. The final reading is, “After…

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  • Truman Foreign And Domestic Policy Essay

    After WWII, one of the greatest concerns of the US was to stop the spread of communism in other countries through the creation of many Foreign policies such as the Truman Doctrine, The Marshall plan and the creation of NATO. Foreign policy, regarding the inhibition of communism, was working to provide help to other countries. For example the Truman Doctrine, established in 1947, was the cornerstone of president’s Truman foreign policy. Through the Truman Doctrine, the…

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  • Nuclear Security In Turkey

    Nuclear Security: Following policy concerns worries about nuclear proliferation are perhaps the next biggest threat to the development of nuclear energy in Turkey. The crux of the issue is Turkey’s geographical location. Unfortunately, for much of the world Turkey is situated in a “dangerous neighborhood” where nuclear proliferation is a constant fear. Furthermore, Turkey has been depicted as a proliferation domino set to fall in a scenario where Iran develops or acquires nuclear weapons. As the…

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  • World War I Compare And Contrast Essay

    since the Cold War ended, and which lower-income voters have decided is unfair. The Brexit was a clear “we want our country back. “from what appear to be international institutions, open trade and migrants. Donald Trump has signaled his distaste for NATO and the U.S. alliance system around the world while a majority of Britons have rejected one of the greatest unification projects in world history, the EU under the eye of Boris Johnson. The Netherlands, where anti-immigration politician Geert…

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  • The Russia-Ukraine Crisis

    in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The former USSR member faced a difficult transition into stability and tensions between Russia and Ukraine live on because of the history between the two countries, North Atlantic Trade Organization (NATO)-Ukraine relations and the conflict between the two countries over Crimea. Both Russia and Ukraine are regional powers and conflict has arisen because of their power struggle as well. Though the power hegemony is important in the area,…

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  • Essay On Grand Strategy

    In this section, I am going to explain why it is beneficial for a superpower to have a grand strategy (or maybe finish the last paragraph with that). The policy of containment of the United States during the Cold war perfectly shows the purposefulness of having a coherent, clear and functioning high strategy for superpowers. I believe that it is one of the most successful and clear examples of how grand strategy can actually work – maybe in the end of the paragraph. It was firstly designed by…

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  • Post-Cold War Security

    In the Post Cold War Era, new aspects of security became apparent and led to the expansion of security; security was not only the security of particular states or people but the security of the international society and security was not only based on issues between states but issues within states. The Post cold War developments of security led to the concept of human security which emphasizes the security of individuals not of states. The chapter implies that security had remained the crucial…

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