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  • Abolishing Nuclear Weapons

    Nuclear weapons have been around for less than 100 years and yet they are the central focus around war and violence as more and more countries are implementing nuclear weapons in their main military strategies. In 1938, 3 chemists in Berlin discovered the power to construct nuclear weapons when they split the uranium atom (cite). In 1939, physicist Albert Einstein, concerned about the rise of Hitler, sent a letter to President Theodore Roosevelt warning him of this discover and the…

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  • Soft Balancing In International Politics

    incentives for other states to join by promising access to all the major nations already part of this order (in addition to limiting potentially viable partners outside). But, this optimism ultimately proved ill-founded. While Western institutions like NATO have seen some increased membership since the Cold War ended, many key international powers like China and Russia remain opposed to fully joining their nations’ interests with those of the West. The liberal order championed by the West has…

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  • The Importance Of Reactions To The Warsaw Pact Invasion Of Czechoslovakia

    America and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) actually turned a blind eye to the invasion of Czechoslovakia. Meanwhile America had already involved in the Vietnam…

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  • Humanitarian Intervention In Libya

    Decline of Public Support for Humanitarian Intervention One of the key differences when it comes to Libya and Syria is how western public perception of humanitarian intervention has shifted. In the few short months following NATO intervention in Libya, support for humanitarian intervention in the United States (US) shrunk substantially and in a democratic country taking unpopular moves like promoting another intervention is likely a prominent concern domestically. US President Barack Obama…

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  • The Truman Doctrine Of Containment During The United States Policy

    This alliance was created between Canada, Western Europe, and the U.S which became known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO to counter Soviet power. The Soviet Union and its allied Communist nations in Eastern Europe founded a rival alliance, known as the Warsaw Pact. The primary purpose of NATO was to unify and strengthen the Western Allies military response to a possible invasion of western Europe by the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies.The alignment…

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  • What Does China Think Analysis

    Since China’s rise was a remarkable affair and dragging all the international attentions, its rise has been discussed widely from Europe to United States. And China was self-aware that its rising power has been discussed whether threat or not; Chinese thinkers were afraid of the coalition of the other countries against the rise. Hence, China fostered and proceed out some special strategies that were abnormal. In the book, “What Does China Think? By Mark Leonard,” is discussing about how China…

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  • How Did The First Space Race Impact America

    From Asia to the United States the Space Race had a lot of impact on everybody. There was the militarization of space to fight for the dominance of space between the Soviet Union and America. To the empowerment of minorities and women who aided the Space Race. There was also impacting social and economic aspects of the Space Race that impacted the American people. From the early presidency of President Truman to Presidents Nixon/Ford, the Space Race had an enormous impact on everybody. While…

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  • How Did General Marshall's Impact On US History

    As Secretary of State, General Marshall created a plan that would help rebuild European infrastructure and economy along with protecting ally states from communism. This plan is now called the Marshall Plan and he also helped start NATO as Secretary of State (, 2009). General Marshall received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953 for his Marshall Plan (, 2009). General Marshall also had the opportunity to become Secretary of Defense for President Truman but he believed…

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  • Global Warming Issues

    attack, and gave their reasoning. Since there is a reasoning behind terrorist attacks, that makes it rational warfare. This act of terrorism intimidated the German government, but since they are there, “as part of the NATO mission,” it also has intimidated every country that is part of NATO and also in Afghanistan currently. (Rahim) The countries currently in Afghanistan are mainly Germany, Georgia, Belgium, and Latvia, and they quickly came to Germany’s defense after the attack, as stated by…

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  • American Policy After World War II

    beyond the regions in which the Red Army were already situated. The policies introduced by America accelerated the division of Europe, such as the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan. By 1949, the creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) fortified Europe’s division. In March 1946, George Kennan sent an 8000 worded telegram to the U.S with his own views of the Soviet Union and the U.S policy towards them. This telegram highlighted that there would be no ‘peaceful coexistence’…

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