Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

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  • MBTI, Holland Code, And Strengths To A Path Of Personality

    situations and life in general. Prior to taking this course, I knew that my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is INTP and I knew what the letters stood for, but I had absolutely no clue what they meant. However, after having delved into the MBTI inventory, I gained great insight as to what the personality preferences meant and how I can use them in my favor throughout my life. The biggest relief for me was learning that no one personality type is better than the other. It is all a matter of…

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  • Personal Reflection On People Types And Tiger Stripes

    college student, I perceive that my learning style manifested through my journey to choosing a college and profession. According to the Jung Personality Test, my personality type as an ISFJ described me as introverted, sensing, feeling, and judging. The meanings behind these letters describe me very well. As stated in People Types and Tiger Stripes, as an introverted person, I rely on my…

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  • Personality Research And Theories

    Personality research and theory has evolved to help individuals improve their understanding of themselves and others. With this understanding, we can make conclusions about how one’s personal behaviors can influence organizational behavior. Robbins and Judge (2009) defined an organization as a “consciously coordinated social unit, composed of two or more people, that functions on a relatively continuous basis to achieve a common goal or set of goals.” By definition, an organization must function…

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  • Personality Type Indicator Reflection

    insight into putting one’s strengths and weaknesses into perspective. I believe that my plot leans in the way that is does as a result of elements simply related to my personality. The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) is a tool that is purposed to assess and categorize one’s unique personality type in order to help them gain a better understanding of themselves and how they see the world. The test then assigns one of 16…

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  • Qualitative Vs Quantitative Essay

    Parametric and nonparametric statistics will be discussed in relation to different variables, and how they can be used to analyze collected data. Examples connected to personality testing will be given and related to possible best uses for various types of information and data. Additional information may be presented as it applies to various concepts or the topics discussed. Variables The primary methods of research can be categorized as quantitative or qualitative, and both can be used to…

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  • Carl Jung's Theory Of Personality: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a self reporting assessment based directly on Carl Jung 's theory of personality (Friedman & Schustack, 2012). Jung hypothesized four functions of the mind: sensing, thinking, feeling, and intuiting. Further he determined that within each person all the personality traits exist, however, one of them normally dominates. In addition, Jung described two major attitudes of either introversion or extroversion which influence the other personality traits…

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  • Self Reflection Paper

    and is eager to please” (Prentice Hall, 2009). Furthermore, these particular skills correlate to specific jobs: social worker, childcare worker, or a nun (Prentice Hall, 2009). I found myself agreeing with the assessment of the ESFJ personality type—I am assertive, I thrive in social settings, I am responsible, and I am highly driven to succeed (Prentice Hall, 2009). Furthermore, the assessment acknowledged my requirement for a “structured” work environment. The structured part of my job…

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  • Edc 503 Assessment

    Discussion of Results: The examinee performed well on the mini-mental status exam, missing only a single point. The exam was well received by the examinee. He reported that he had seen this type of test used before with a family member involved in a car accident. The primary insight the examinee gained through the genogram was the consistency of positive relationships between himself and other family members. He mentioned that a recent argument…

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  • Team Project: Manpower Study

    The Team Project The main objective of this project was to conduct a manpower study to determine the optimal crew compliment for the newly modified E-3G (Block 40/45) Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS). The project is currently still in progress, nearing the final stages of completion of crew selection. My goal is to explain how the project team was selected and led/managed through the project to the current progress point of the project. As previously presented, with the new…

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  • Myers-Briggs Personality Test: The Jung Typology Test

    that students complete the Myers- Briggs personality test online. The Jung typology Test asks a series of 64 questions regarding an individual’s personality. Once the test is completed, students receive a 4-letter type formula, along with the strengths of preferences and the description of their personality type. My 4-letter personality type formula is INFJ. The site also gives information regarding careers and opportunities most suitable for the student’s personality type and information…

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