The Team Project Analysis

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The Team Project The main objective of this project was to conduct a manpower study to determine the optimal crew compliment for the newly modified E-3G (Block 40/45) Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS). The project is currently still in progress, nearing the final stages of completion of crew selection. My goal is to explain how the project team was selected and led/managed through the project to the current progress point of the project. As previously presented, with the new modifications and the superior performance of the mission system computer installed on the aircraft, as a result the number of people required to perform the mission has been reduced. The team was tasked to select from the experienced crew positions and determine …show more content…
The adjustments to the make-up of team were due to the realization of needed backgrounds to accomplish the project. An advantage that the 552nd Wing had when compiling the team for this project was the large pool of not only technical experts in the systems but that were all in the middle to upper of the enlisted leadership …show more content…
There are a number of factors that should be in place for the possible success of teams such as the team members must possess the relevant expertise to perform the assigned task, must be engaged and motivated to perform the assigned tasks, and execute the tasks by coordinating with other team members (Thompson, 2014). These are just a few factors that can affect a team’s success, now let us see how these elements were used in the E-3G project. As already covered in this paper this project is not yet completed but it is in its final stages of completion. The team member for this project were selected from some of the most experienced aviators from the effected systems involved in the project, but also members were selected for their leadership and management skills as part of the team and sub-teams to aid in the success of the project. The entire team’s military training along with their leadership and technical abilities laid the foundation for the likely hood for this project’s eventual success.
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