Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

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  • Edc 503 Assessment

    Discussion of Results: The examinee performed well on the mini-mental status exam, missing only a single point. The exam was well received by the examinee. He reported that he had seen this type of test used before with a family member involved in a car accident. The primary insight the examinee gained through the genogram was the consistency of positive relationships between himself and other family members. He mentioned that a recent argument…

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  • Myers Briggs Reflection Paper

    My Myers Briggs Reflection Personality test can tell us a lot about ourselves, how we act and why we make some of the decisions we make. Many personality test exist but one in particular is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test. The MBTI “ places you in one of sixteen personality types based on dichotomous categories such as whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, or have a disposition towards being logical or emotional” (Krznaric). Upon taking my MBTI test, I wanted to predict what…

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  • Difference Between Era I And My Personal Presence

    The results are what I was expecting based on a previously taken personality test. When I was in college several years ago we took the Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI). The result from the MBTI was ESTJ, extraversion, sensing, thinking and judging. It described the personality traits of organizer, assertive, analytical and logical. At the time I took the MBTI, I did not agree with the results because…

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  • Personality Analysis: The Keirsey Temperament Sorter

    The Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS) is a self-assessed personality instrument that helps individuals discover their personality type. The purpose of the KTS personality assessments is to help people understand themselves better. For example, Keirsey Temperament Sorter can report whether an individual is an introvert or extrovert. Moreover, the questionnaire places people into four dimensions called temperaments. These temperaments are identified as the following: guardian, idealist, rational,…

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  • Essay On Dating Relationships

    As a survivor of domestic violence, I have learned to speak out loud instead of keeping my inner thoughts and feelings to myself. It just depends on the situation, place, and time. As described by Kersey’s Temperaments, my four letter personality type is known as the giver and being a teacher. Even in my romantic relationships or work environment, I tend to be the giver and teacher. Relationship wise, I would try to provide for my other half if they are in need of help emotionally and…

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  • Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator Reflection Report

    The Myers-Briggs Type personality Indicator test was an eye opening experience. I have taken the MBTI test before twice actually but with varying results and they did not come with the preference clarity index therefore I was confused as to why my results came back different. My four preferences in the MBTI where ISTJ with the first preference being a moderate level of 13 for Introversion which does not come as a surprise me or anyone who knows me. I would consider myself on the more extreme…

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  • Beyonce Personality Analysis

    subjective way of gathering data (F). “All three dimensions stem from Jung’s theory of personality types. The fourth dimension, distinguishing between preference for evaluating the moment-to moment and day-to-day influx of information (judging) versus merely gathering and storing data for use (perceiving), is the innovation of the MBTI, which doubles the possible combinations for personality types…

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  • Personal Statement: Becoming A Leader

    To lead others isn’t an easy task. Becoming a leader is an even harder task but once you embrace your natural leadership abilities, skills and lifestyle it becomes one with you. When I was concluding my first year in preschool, my parents were considering either moving me to kindergarten for the following year or stay in preschool for another year. With the guidance of my preschool teachers, my parents decided to keep me for one more year before heading to. The reasoning behind it being they had…

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  • Essay About Fear Analysis

    Do you agree that we all have fears? Personally, based on my experience, fear happens due to uncertainty. This kind of circumstance makes us feel troubled, and this makes us humans. Since we have different experiences in life, we have our own ways of coping or fighting against fear in a specific situation. Here and now, fear can change a moment. Let 's say you are now in front of a bridge connecting to the next city. You decided not to cross the bridge and moved to the next city because you have…

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  • Lakoff's Parenting Styles, Myers-Briggs And The Dark Triad

    We have covered many different ways of characterizing personality in class, including: authoritarian/libertarian personality, Lakoff’s parenting styles, Myers-Briggs, and the Dark Triad. But which of these four is most valuable and useful to political science? Lakoff’s parenting styles seem to be the best and most valuable option for political science. As mentioned in lectures, Lakoff’s Parenting Styles are supposed to reveal the hidden moral values people hold which ultimately correlate to…

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