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  • Analysis Of The Keystone Pipeline

    Introduction The Keystone Pipeline was a proposed idea of a pipeline that would run from the oil sands of Canada to Steele City, Nebraska (“Keystone” 1). It would then connect with an existing pipeline that would administer it elsewhere. Since the proposal was for an oil pipeline that would cross international borders, it needed the President’s approval. The idea became such a controversial topic when President Obama stated that six days to decide the fate of this project was not a sufficient…

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  • Bangchac Case Study

    Apart from the production unit, flare stack is also a significant security device for the petroleum and petrochemical industries used for exhaust gas pressure (Flare Gas) from the production process, especially if the process fails. Despite the safety equipment necessary, to reduce the frequency and volume of vented gas flares out to the left, it will reduce the anxiety of neighboring communities. Therefore, the company plans to reduce the flare stack as well as improve it efficiently as…

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  • Crude Oil Price Analysis

    Economic problem to be studied The crude oil price has been very volatile during the past several years due to the overproduction and an increasing inventory for major economies. It is very hard for the main crude oil producers to reach an agreement to cut global production all together, so the price reached a historical low level during 2015-2016 (Breul 2016), and to this day the oil price is still at a low level compared with decades ago. Since crude oil is a very important part for many…

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  • Persistence Of Memory Analysis

    The Persistence of Memory (1931) was made in 1931 by Salvador Dali, the artwork is 24 x 33 cm, oil on canvas painting, and now the artwork is in The Museum of Modern Art, New York. The style of the artwork is surrealistic. The subject matter is a barren landscape with melting clocks draped over unrelated objects, caricature of Dali’s face on the ground, plus a rocky headland with the sea in the background. The focal point of the artwork is the strange caricature of Dali’s profile, complete with…

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  • Benefits Of Castor Oil

    20-Known Benefits of Castor Oil for Skin, Hair and other Health Supplement Castor Plant (Ricinus Communis) and Gandharva Hasta in Ayurveda has versatile use in skin care and hair care apart from lubricant in industrial use. Castor oil is extract from Castor seeds and is popular as alternative medicine. It is affordable and available in e-stores, herbal stores and retail oil stores. When comes to skin and hair care it is an important ingredient in herbal hair care and skin care products. It is…

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  • Cressa Cretica Case Study

    Cressa cretica L. (Convolvulaceae) is mentioned as an ayurvedic drug, known in India as Rudanti. It is reported to be antibilious, antitubercular, and an expectorant. It is a remarkable salt-tolerant plant, common in coastal areas. The main of this work to analysed the morpho-anatomy of the leaf and stem, in order to supply knowledge to the medicinal plant identification. The morpho-anatomical studies reveals that leaves numerous, isobilateral, subsessile, acute, densely silky hairy,…

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  • Gazpcom Case Study Solution

    2.1. Diversification Strategy Gazprom has been established in 1989, having a long tradition, natural resources, and experience lead Gazprom to the position of being the largest natural gas explorer in the world and one of the largest companies in the world. Gazprom’s position of being the leader among global energy companies is achieved through their strategic objective by securing reliable supplies, implementing sales markets diversification, scientific and technological…

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  • Family Health Assessment: A Case Study

    Juliet uses aromatherapy with essential oils to help alleviate stress. To cope with stressful situations, the family utilizes discussion amongst each other and obtains extended family help and support when needed. They both decided that by being calm and supportive of each other in times of…

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  • Offshore Drilling Research Paper

    “Oil currently accounts for 37 percent of U.S. energy use — more than any other fuel source — and 94 percent of transportation fuel” (Primary Energy Consumption by Source and Sector, 2010). With more than one third of the nation’s energy being produced by oil, it would be ridiculous to want to limit or reduce the means by which it is extracted right? The issue concerning offshore drilling and its limitations has become an ongoing debate, causing two major sides, with opposing opinions to form.…

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  • The Influence Of Industry Regulation And Legislation

    Industry Regulation and Legislation Dominique J. Fortson National University Industry Regulation and Legislation Industrial regulation is that the industrial regulation of costs charged to the buyer that is additionally called public regulation. The thought is to work out a value, or rate, that covers the assembly price and a good profit for the corporate. The general public interest theory of regulation that states that it "is necessary to stay a natural monopoly from charging…

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