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  • Case Study: The Kooler

    Stan Efferding is a 48 year old body builder who competes on a competitive level in the industry. He has a track record of turning start-up businesses into multi-millionaire dollar businesses. He has also opened up an engineering firm which in the year before had made $5 million in gross sales. He is now a silent partner in that business so he can focus on “The Kooler”. On this episode of Shark Tank he said that most body builders are struggling with the amount of things that they hold in their…

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  • The Woman Who Talks To Horses Analysis

    George Gaddis: Life Through a Sexist Lens Sexism is the act of having prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex. “It was clear to me that this woman carried some sort of chip around on her shoulder. That she had no use for men. One of those I thought” (266).This is a demonstration of how quick George is to jump to conclusion of woman without giving them a chance to prove themselves, and how he believes they are good for nothing else but looking good…

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  • Development Of A Multinational Personnel Selection System Case Study

    Development of a Multinational Personnel Selection System Case Analysis dated 28.01.2015 Group 2 Problem Statement How can Dr. Thomas Koch convince the top management about the intricacies involved in designing a global personnel selection system to retain the privilege of implementing the new global system with his team? Core issues: • Development and implementation of Multinational Personal selection system in short time. Peripheral Issues: • Culture differences between team members •…

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  • Judith Butler Undoing Gender

    For all that, feminist theorists are more interested in theorizing than in tensions evoked by the body. Gender is done or constructed by the person and others in his society. Contrary to this established idea, Judith Butler, in her book Undoing Gender, sees that gender can be done by resisting and escaping from the clutches of the social norm through which gender is recognized. She argues: “I may feel that without some recognizability I cannot live. But I may also feel that…

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  • Personal Narrative: After High School

    Dinner had been a million years long. After getting home and getting out of the car, I felt so worn out that sickness was inevitable. Keeping my eyelids open was going to be a challenge, especially seeing that Ana was now invited over and she would be a bundle of energy until the latest possible time. Yawning, I opened the door. I almost didn 't want Ana over so I could catch up on resting... for the first time in a week. "Flower, do you think that you are too tired for tonight?" asked my…

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  • Symbolism In John Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath

    During the infamous depression of the 1930’s, the combined evils of America’s economic downturn and the Dust Bowl drought left many southern farming families landless, weak, and subject to relentlessly vexing circumstances. John Steinbeck’s novel, The Grapes of Wrath, tells the story of these displaced farmers and their travels, whilst also intertwining within the plot, a profound use of symbolism in various forms to convey the adversity and trying attitudes of society during the time. Steinbeck…

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  • Learning Disabilities

    Learning Disabilities According to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (2004), a learning disability can be defined as “a disorder in one of more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding on in using language, spoken or written, which disorder may manifest itself in the imperfect ability to listen, think, speak, read, write, spell, or do mathematical calculations.” The disorders included under learning disabled are perceptual disabilities, brain injury, minimal…

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  • Changing Attitudes Toward Immigration In The 19th Century

    immigrating to America, these new immigrants tended to come from eastern and southern Europe, spoke a different language, were usually Jewish or catholic and kept wearing there traditional clothes. This was important to changing attitudes as theses mew immigrants were very different and stood out from the wasps and people started to fear that these new immigrants were a threat to traditional American values and protestant religion Roger daniels states that“American prostant leaders regarded…

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  • What Is Marxism?

    First of all, who is considered a Marxist? Marx himself would answer “tout ce que je sais, c’est que je ne suis pas Marxiste” (MEW 1974, p.436). Additionally, the variety of subsequent sub-traditions such as orthodox Marxism, revisionism, neo-Kantian Marxism, analytical or famously “No-bull shit Marxism”, neo-Marxism etc. all of which called themselves Marxists don’t actually offer…

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  • Dulce Et Decorum Est Critical Analysis

    Throughout history there has been tragedies. One of the greatest of all time is world war one or the great war. A war that pitted global super powers into one of history’s bloodiest and most gruesome wars. Nations fought with 19th century tactics with 20th century fire power creating devastating, gory, tragic war scenes. These sights not seen by the world until those very moments could only be described by the people living through them. Today, with hindsight, people view the war as an…

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