The Influence Of Teen Advertising

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Advertising is a way of marketing communication between business and consumers. The purpose of advertising is to encourage or persuade audience to purchase the goods and services. Almost every commercial will have a target audience for promoting the products. According to CBS news in 2007, business companies had spent about $17million on marketing to children and teenagers. (Resources: Marketing To Kids, 2007). The business companies focus a lot on teenagers and children market is because a research discovers that 13-19 years old of American teens are possessing almost $200 billion of buying power. (Teen Spending & Behavior, 2011). It can show that youth market is a huge and significant market for business corporations and advertisers. (Teen …show more content…
The television commercial is always considered the most effective advertising format, because almost every family have television in their home. Besides, internet is another prevalent source for advertising. The Internet provides an opportunity for advertisers to spread their messages. Almost every single information can transfer and access from every corner of the world. Because of the new technologies, advertising can post on website and display with text, videos, logos, graphics and even animations. A part from that, network user can be directly access to these advertisements or commercial through games or social networking sites. Another reason why online advertising will become popular is advertisers are able to collect data of the network user. For example, the data of user’s online activity and find out the user’s interest. After that, they can deliver more targeted advertising to that user. People who using social website will easily attract by these commercial because these goods may be their interest. For the advertisers who want to aim teenagers as target audience, their work will become easier due to these user browsing data. The rise in mew media, such as Internet, creates lots of opportunity for advertiser to promote their business for specific audience, especially teenagers and …show more content…
Advertisers and business organizations are starting to increase commercial pressures on children. (Children and Advertising Consumentenbond, 1996). A lot of brand new marketing techniques are aimed at the teen and child consumers. The internet is trying to target teenagers and children with commercials for goods and service. In addition, organizations can collect information from them and use for further marketing. (Family boundaries, commercialism, and the internet: A framework of research, 2001). Because of the persuasive wealth messages targeted to specific child segments, children are less dependent on their parents with the education on consumer values. (Media and youth consumerism, 2000).

Advertising is used to spread out messages from business companies. However, more and more commercials created directly to the youth. Due to these commercials, it will bring some disadvantages to teenagers and children in different

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