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  • Sandy Case Study

    comparison to around £2000 to administer a community sentence, therefore should be used as a last resort. In terms of success rates, community sentences have proven to be more effective than short custodial sentences in reducing future offending: (Mews, Hillier, McHugh, Coxon, 2015) offenders discharged from immediate custodial sentences of less…

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  • Key Themes Of My Spiritual Journey

    The basic themes of my spiritual journey involve two words, grace and forgiveness. I did not grow up in a Christian home so it was not until a later part of my life that I truly experienced God. I had heard different things about god through school and random TV shows I watched but my view of him was that he did not care about me. The reason for that being was because my father had left my family and me when I was 4 years old to go start a family with another woman he was seeing. I tried to have…

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  • Cognitive Psychology: The Study Of Cognitive Psychology

    The amount of work that happens in the brain when it starts processing information or learning something new is quite astounding. The brain knows what steps it needs to take and it moves through them so quickly that it seems like second nature. When moving through these thoughts the individual does not have to think about each step and then move to the second step. According to Anderson (2015) this process is called cognition. By definition it is when a person processes the knowledge they have…

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  • Atomic Bombing Essay

    The Atomic Bomb Lighting the Way for Radiation Protection Even though radiation has been around since the beginning of time there was little known about it. When x-rays were discovered in 1895, radiation research followed suit right after. With Germany under Hitler’s reign, the Nazis began separating uranium to form the first atomic bomb to control the world. The push for the United States to be the first with the atomic bomb began with this knowledge. With the help of several scientists…

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  • Ten Little Niggers Analysis

    The film version of Ten Little Niggers (1945, US title: And Then There Were None) by the French director René Clair, starring Walter Huston and Barry Fitzgerald, is one of the most faithful Christie adaptations. In addition to these mysteries, Christie wrote her autobiography (1977), and several plays, including THE MOUSETRAP, which run more than 30 years continuously in London, and had 8 862 performances at the Ambassadors Theatre in London. The play was based on the short story 'Three Blind…

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