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  • Causes Of Malignant Melanoma

    Malignant Melanoma After doing research on the topic that I received in class I found out information on the topic that I never knew about the dangers and risk I never knew the disease was as deadly and serious as it was , I alway thought it was just that the person skin was just a little darker on the top but it does more damage underneath each layer of skin. In my paper i 'm going to be talking about the dangers and some serious facts that you should know and worn your kids about if you want them around longer so listen up. The skin is made up of “3” layers Epidermis ; which is the top layer, the Dermis area which is the second layer or the middle layer,the Hypodermis the bottom area of the skin make up. Malignant melanoma is one of the…

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  • Mary Williams Melanoma Analysis

    Cancer, the dreaded six letter word that will affect almost everyone at some point in their life; whether cancer is their cancer or the cancer of a loved one. What happens when the cancer the doctors said was gone comes back only a year later and this time worse than before? For Mary Williams, this just so happened to be her case. Her malignant melanoma is back and this time an unspoken terminal is present in the diagnosis. As a mother of two young girls, eight and eleven years old, Williams is…

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  • Melanoma Research Paper

    Melanoma Melanoma is a common disease in the skin. Melanoma is really a malignant tumor in the skin that is associated with skin cancer. Melanoma is one of the most dangerous type of skin cancer. Melanoma is a deadly disease, so you need to be treating it as soon as possible. Melanoma has preventions, different stages, treatments, death penalties, causes and risk that society needs to know. There are preventions for Melanoma it can be one of the diseases that you can prevent. The skin cancer…

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  • Personal Narrative: Melanoma

    It was a day like any other. I was finishing up some paperwork on my most recent skin graph when a call came in from the front desk, my next patient was here. I had yet to physically see the patient myself, but I had already made a prediction based on what was already known: Melanoma. The most dangerous form of skin cancer. Over 200,000 documented cases around the world each year, killing roughly 2% of those effected. [1] Despite the seemingly high survival rate, Melanoma is very deadly when not…

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  • Infographics: How To Spot Skin Cancer

    how and where to search. Additionally the infographic contains information a link to further resources, and a message of hope in detecting skin cancer early, which as a reader, made me want to come back to this infographic as a valuable resource. There is also good use of The American Academy of Dermatology Logo, and a Logo for Spot Skin Cancer developed and added to the piece, which can act as a locator of sorts for more information. Lester (2013) notes that an effective infographic design…

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  • Skin Cancer

    Skin cancer is by far known to be the most common type of cancer occurring in the human population today. However, most types of skin cancer are not considered to be a highly epidemic and can be cured easily, but there is one type of skin cancer that is considered to be most life threatening and that is melanoma. The reason why this disease is called ‘melanoma’ is because a tumor develops made of the melanocyte cells which are melanin producing cells (Skin Cancer 2016). Over the past few years’…

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  • Skin Cancer Awareness

    three types of cancer that take place in the epidermis which include Melanoma, Squamous cells, and Basal Cells. Melanoma is the leading cause of death from skin disease. Melanoma occurs by the alternations in skin cells known as melanocyte which gives a skin color pigment referred to as melanin. Melanin is what has control over your skin and hair color.Melanin is an active absorber of light which is able to dissolve over 99.9% of absorbed UV radiation which caused people to cometo the…

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  • Sun Exposure Essay

    exposure and sunscreen’s role Most cancer rates are decreasing, whereas skin cancer continues to steadily increase as it has for the past decades (Saraiya et al. 422). The three most common skin cancers are squamous-cell, basal-cell and melanoma carcinomas. Squamous-cell and basal-cell carcinomas are grouped as non-melanoma cancers. Family history and genetic disorders increases the risk of forming cancer; however, estimates place excessive sun exposure as causing as much as 90% of all melanoma…

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  • Illnesses In Fingernails

    the skin but also a way for any diseases to be noticed from outside the body. Problems within the body can affect the texture and shape of the nail plate and the color of the nail bed. Illnesses such as cirrhosis, melanoma, and…

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  • Clinical Question 2: Genetics And Oncology

    Clinical Question 2 – Genetics, Oncology Limit your answer to no more than 3 pages, not including references. I will only read your first 3 pages. A 54 yo woman is diagnosed with malignant melanoma on the posterior neck. The lesion has a horizontal spread of roughly 12 mm although borders are quite irregular. She undergoes surgical resection with wide, grossly clear margins. Pathology report suggests features consistent with an ulcerated lentigo maligna melanoma to a depth of 4 mm. • Describe…

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