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  • Cicero's Second Philippic Against Antony, By Marcus Tullius Cicero

    writer but also the greatest writer in any language. Cicero was a greatly respected Roman philosopher and writer who tried teaching the Romans about Greek philosophy and rhetoric. He wrote his “Second Philippic Against Antony” to try to stop Marcus Antonius, better known as Mark Antony, from turning the Roman Republic from an oligarchy into an autocracy. To persuade the Roman citizens, Cicero used the art of rhetoric in his speeches. While reading his speech again, one can notice the use of…

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  • Who Was Responsible For Julius Caesar's Downfall

    not directly descending from Caesar’s reign, it is stemmed from his corpse. Antony is shown with such intelligence and deceitful mourn standing above a crowd of mourning Romans, above their beloved Caesar. He indeed mourns the ruin of the noblest man, but seeks vengence for Caesar’s ghost and he easily plays the common people. “Revenge! About! Seek! Burn! Fire! Kill! Slay!/Let not a traitor live!(III.ii.203-204)” Antony throws fire on the fuel with his speech, he calms them only to place more…

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  • Problems Revealed In Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'

    works. In Julius Caesar he conveys various statements, one being that people always try to find the easiest way out of their problems. This can be observed in the reasons for why Cassius has Caesar killed, how the conspiracy wanted to just kill off Antony, and why Cassius had Pindorus kill him instead of taking his loses on the battle field like a man. However, it 's funny that none of these men realize over the course of the events that by doing this instead of just facing there problems the…

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  • Marcus Brutus As A Tragic Hero In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

    One of the bad decisions that he made was allowing Antony to speak at Caesar's funeral. When Antony asked Brutus if he could stand on the platform and give an oration. Brutus answered Antony by saying “you may, Mark Antony”(III.i.244). Another bad decision that Brutus made was allowing Antony to live and not killing him. Brutus says to him “Oh Antony, don’t beg us to kill you. Though we seem bloody and cruel right now”(III.i.174-175). Another decision…

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  • Julius Caesar Act 3 Analysis

    Mark Anthony plans out an attack against all who were contributors to the death of Caesar. On the other side the two main benefactors to the assassination of Julius Caesar, are building an army preparing to either strike or best protect themselves for…

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  • Misinterpretation In Julius Caesar

    spur...He’s Ta’en” (5.3.29-33). This quote shows PIndarus, who is the slave of Cassius, misinterpreting Titinius success. The troops who enclosed in Titinius was Brutus’s troops but Pindarus thought it was Mark Antony and his troops. Pindarus told Cassius that Titinius was captured by Mark Antony and his troops. Finally, Cassius misinterpreted Titinius success and killed himself. In conclusion, Shakespeare analyzes the danger of misinterpretations through exploration of Calpurnia’s dream, the…

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  • Brutus: A Tragic Hero In Julius Caesar

    Brutus is able to acknowledge right from wrong then choose which act is the most moral, to defend the people. Even Brutus ' enemies declared Brutus was noble. In his final speech, Antony proclaims, "This was the noblest Roman of them all" (V:v:68). Brutus and Antony are at war with each other for the last two acts, yet Antony proclaims him as noble. But not just noble, the noblest person in…

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  • Augustus Caesar Achievements

    Did you know that Augustus Caesar was once named Octavius? Augustus Caesar was a very influential person in Rome, the world, and human civilization. I believe that he is one of the most influential people to live. During his reign he greatly affected the Roman empire. While emperor, he doubled the size of the empire and made Rome a great place to live in. Before he was an emperor, he was a soldier and was greatly affected by the people around him. As a soldier life was interesting and many…

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  • Brief Biography Of Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator

    During her reign, she found love with Mark Antony, who agreed to protect her crown, due to the assassination of Caesar. They both fought in the Battle of Actium in 31 B.C., on the Ionian Sea. In this battle, Roman leader Octavian gained a victory against the forces of Mark Antony and Cleopatra. She became the last ruler of the Macedonian dynasty. (Cleopatra VII Biography, 2015) Lastly, Cleopatra had a few…

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  • Tragic Hero In Julius Caesar

    A tragic hero is commonly defined as a literary figure who, during the course of the plot, makes a deadly flaw that seals his fate and ultimately leads to his demise. Two classic examples can be found in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: Brutus, the killer of Caesar, and the dictator of Rome himself. Marcus Brutus and Julius Caesar both serve as exceptional illustrations of tragic heroes because of their social relevance, their harrowing mistakes, and their cataclysmic deaths. It is…

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