To What Extent Was Julius Caesar Noble

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Tannor Saberon-Dover

In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare it can be agreed that Brutus was the noblest man in all of Rome. Many people cannot see past the fact that he killed Caesar. Everything that Brutus did was for the best interest of his country Brutus was noble because he cared about the well-being of his country. Brutus did all of the things that he did for the love of his country, not to be bad, but because he saw it as bettering his country. In the play Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare Mark Antony Refers to Brutus saying “this was the noblest Roman of them all” this statement is true. Brutus stands up for what he believes and will risk his life doing it, he always thought about what was best for Rome, despite killing Julius Caesar, the leader of Rome, his strengths prevailed and made him the noblest.

Brutus always stood up for what he thought was right and what he believed in all throughout the play. People may think that he is crazy for some of the things that he did like killing the leader of Rome. He knew that he could have died in the act of assassinating Caesar, but in his mind he knew that killing him was the right thing to do to change the type of rule that Rome
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He may have done bad things and things against the way of the Roman Empire but he did it to better Rome and help make the Roman people more free. Brutus wanted to see that Rome is the best that it can be. When he killed Caesar he did it because he knew that Caesar would not be okay to step down from dictatorship and move to a more free government of the people. That is why Mark Antony refers to him as “the noblest Roman of all”. He may not have fit in with the power hungry leaders of the time, like Caesar, but he did want to make sure that the people of his country, Rome, were treated with equality and freedom. Now he did kill Julius Caesar but he did it for the people of

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