Brutus Betrayer Analysis

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There is a debate on whether Brutus was a patriot or a betrayer. Although, this is an opinionated question, your answer comes from an opinion also. I found my opinion within his actions. His actions speak louder than words, therefore I was able to hear him loud and clear. I followed and gathered why he did what he did, and in return, determined whether I agreed or not. I did not agree, Brutus was a betrayer. Brutus was a betrayer and his bad actions outweighed his good ones. Yes, some may believe he did what he thought was best for everyone, but that’s only what he thought. Yes, others may believe he only tried to protect his people, but could Caesar not? We will never know. Brutus took it upon himself to make a decision that affected everyone. …show more content…
I am debating him to be a betrayer. Brutus took his best friends life. He didn’t give Caesar a chance to explain his intentions as leader. No one knew if Caesar would help Rome or help Rome fall. Caesar could have been a great leader. He believed the people of Rome over his own well being, he was not an ambitious person, he loved, he lived, and he laughed. When Brutus took Caesars life he took someones friend, husband, and leader. Some argue that Brutus did what he thought was best for Rome, but that’s only what he thought. Did he asked the people of Rome? Did he ask Caesars friends and family? Did he ask Caesar? No. Brutus took it upon himself. There’s only one thing I don’t understand. Caesar, Antony, and Calpurnia are all apart of Rome. Brutus said he wanted the best for Rome and it’s people but in the process he hurt several people. With that being said, how did he help? He started a war, people lost their lives, loved ones, and family. Brutus said Caesar 's ambition got him killed, but Brutus was the one who got him killed. Brutus betrayed his friendship with Caesar, he started war and betrayed Rome and its people. Rome could of had a great leader and avoided war if Caesar would have been given a chance. Brutus’s actions only caused pain and suffering, even though his actions was what he believed to be best. Was Brutus a Betrayer or Patriot? He was a

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