How Is Julius Caesar Honorable

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Citizens of Rome, do not lend me your ears, but instead lend me your heart. I stand before you on this tragic day to acknowledge the death of Marcus Brutus. Brutus, who was once the most respected, noble, and honorable man in all of Rome, now lies before us dead, more worthless than dust. Brutus was a stoic judge and the best friend of Julius Caesar, further demonstrating his high status and his nobility. His grievous death was caused by his dire desire for honor and his extraordinary view of idealism. Cassius, one of Brutus’ dearest friends, was aware of Brutus’ tragic flaw, his weakness for honor and his idealistic view of people. With his venomous and manipulative tongue, Cassius convinced Brutus to join the conspiracy and kill Julius Caesar. Unlike the envious Cassius, Brutus believed Caesar’s death was necessary for the prosperity of Rome. Brutus was blindsided by his desire …show more content…
Brutus was Caesar’s best friend, and since Caesar was nearly considered to be the king of Rome, this meant that Brutus was well respected and noble. In addition to being well respected, Brutus was also idealistic and honorable. He viewed everyone to be as noble and trustworthy as he was. Even after Brutus’ death and his fatal wrong-doings, his enemies still considered him to be righteous and noble. Marc Antony, who desired the ultimate revenge against the conspirators, saw Brutus as divergent. In fact, upon seeing the death of Brutus, Antony proclaimed ,“This was the noblest Roman of them all. / All the conspirators save only he / Did that they did in envy of great Caesar” (5. 5. 74-76). Unlike the rest of the conspirators, Brutus killed Caesar because he truly believed that he was helping the Roman Republic prosper and free itself from Caesar’s future tyranny. Antony comprehended Brutus’ motive for killing Caesar, and thus labeled him as “noblest Roman of them

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