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  • Good And Evil In The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

    or killed. As Doctor Cornelius says, “it is you Telmarines who silenced the bests and the trees and the fountains, who killed and drove away the Dwarfs and the Fauns, and are now trying to cover up even the memory of them.” Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy called to help by Prince Caspian. There was almost a moment were Jadis was to be summoned but the people who sought to summon her were stopped before anything could happen. This time Peter defeats the evil King and Caspian is given the crown.…

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  • Victorian Women In Dracula

    characterized through the three female vampires, Lucy Westenra, and Mina Harker. Jonathan Harker met the three female vampires in Count Dracula’s castle. The vampires were describes as sexualized characters. In Victorian society women should be pure and innocent, yet the vampires were flirtatious and promiscuous. The three female vampires tried to seduce him and drink his blood.…

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  • Summary Of The Chronicles Of Narni The Lion, And The Wardrobe

    The setting of the book is in the country of England during World War II, and the main characters are Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. Because the children were living in London during the war, they were sent to the countryside of England. The house that they move into is owned by an old professor and resembles a castle. The book enters into its full splendor when Lucy, the youngest child, steps into a wardrobe while playing hide and seek with her siblings. She moves further back into the…

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  • Comparison Between C. S Lewis The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe

    written by C. S Lewis in 1950 making it 67 years old. The story takes place is a magical land called Narnia. Unfortunately the evil snow queen has put a curse over the land causing it to be winter forever. When 4 children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy find a portal in a professor's wardrobe they find out that they have to fight the final battle against the queen and become the rulers of this newly discovered land. Peter is the oldest of the 4 siblings and leads the team. He is very…

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  • Lucy And The Wardrobe In The Chronicles Of Narnia

    In the book The Chronicles of Narnia, Lucy the youngest of the kids goes into a wardrobe while they were playing hide and seek. She met Mr. Tumness the Faun and she had tea with him. Edmund didn’t believe Lucy and he made fun of her. He then went into the wardrobe to see if Lucy was telling the truth and so he started to look for her, but instead he found the “White Witch”. Lucy went and had tea with Mr. Tumness the Faun again and found out that he was gone the White Witch captured him. Soon all…

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  • Gender Roles In Television Shows

    television industry, the values and norms presented, from a bigger picture, are principally similar. One of the many aspects of TV values that has changed is the role of men and women in society. In “I Love Lucy”, Ricky is seen as the breadwinner and Lucy the housewife. In the beginning of the show, Lucy is mending Ricky’s socks and then is later asked to make Ricky breakfast or else he’d go hungry. In…

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  • Anne Of Green Gables In The Outsider Reader

    Green Gables’ in the ‘Outsider Reader’ describes a little orphan girl, Anne, who was living at an asylum, another word for orphanage. She is trying to get adopted, but the couple who asked for an adoption wanted a boy, not a girl. In this extract Lucy Maud Montgomery describes how Anne is treated like a thing not a person, but then as the segment progresses, she is treated better. Anne is the perfect example of an outsider who has been marginalised, and she is desperately wanting to be part of…

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  • Essay On Lucille

    Lucille had a desire to do something special with her life, and had a longing to be a star. When she was 15 years old, she convinced her mother to let her attend a prestigious New York City drama school, but despite her strong passion and hunger for the stage, she was shy and much too nervous to draw attention and did not fit in at the drama school. Her professors did not like her and would often make fun of her looks, since she was very tall, awkward and leggy, and they often made fun of her…

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  • A Heavenly Christmas Analysis

    I don 't believe I have missed a single "Countdown to Christmas" movie this year on the Hallmark Channel nor its sister network Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. While I have my personal favorites, there is no denying that a massive hit this year was their film A Heavenly Christmas starring Eric McCormack, Kristin Davis, and the legendary Shirley MacClaine. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and when I discovered that Gregg McBride was the screenwriter for this Yuletide treat, I quickly…

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  • Sexual Behavior

    According to the Centers for Disease Control almost half of all teenagers both male and female had sexual intercourse at least once. As per the study conducted by the National Survey of Family Growth children between the ages of fifteen and seventeen are participating in sexual intercourse more frequently than past years. This is in part due to the exposure of children to sexually explicit content via media devices, such as television, internet, mobile devices, and print publications. It is…

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