Good And Evil In The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

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In the The Magician 's Nephew by C.S. Lewis Digory and Polly travel to and through many world’s, ending up in the recently created Narnia. They by accident have unleashed a evil upon Narnia— an evil that comes back in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe— Jadis. They have to stop Jadis from terrorizing Narnia creating a battle between good and evil in this brand new world. The theme of good verses evil comes up again in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe against the same evil and then again in Prince Caspian. Digory sets free the evil queen Jadis from her world Charn. Before being in a frozen states Charn is was in the middle of being destroyed in the aftermath of Jadis ' fight with her sister. To escape this destruction Jadis grabs on …show more content…
The new force they have to fight against is the King Miraz. The world has become unkind to the the old Narnians, who have been reverted into the old ways, driven into the forest or killed. As Doctor Cornelius says, “it is you Telmarines who silenced the bests and the trees and the fountains, who killed and drove away the Dwarfs and the Fauns, and are now trying to cover up even the memory of them.” Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy called to help by Prince Caspian. There was almost a moment were Jadis was to be summoned but the people who sought to summon her were stopped before anything could happen. This time Peter defeats the evil King and Caspian is given the crown. Aslan also comes into save the day in this story. By freeing the river god and causing a flood of water to come toward it the bridge breaks and the battle is won. This establishes him as a key player in most of the good verses evil Narnia. Good verses evil comes up in the Narnia books. Just as The Magician’s Nephew is the start of the Narnia books, it is the start of the good against evil. The that comes is different than the evil in the previous. Even though Jadis is the evil twice how she is evil is different. She goes from more of threat to an actual problem. Just as Aslan says, “things happens the same way twice,” the evil in Narnia never comes up the same way

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