Good Vs Evil In Beowulf

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The battle of good and evil can be interpreted in many ways throughout the entire story. The good represents Beowulf and Wiglaf, the evil represents the three monsters Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon. Each character can relate to the good and evil of modern day, which can be hatred or corruption in everyday life.
Each Battle is between good and evil, there are three battles in the book the represents this. Beowulf battles with each of the monsters represent the battle between good and evil, but of course the good always win. Beowulf shows courage, bravery, and loyalty in each battle. This gives him the strength to defeat each monster and keep the kingdom safe. The battle before Beowulf came was strictly between Hrothgar and Grendel
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When Beowulf comes he is then fearful again because he doesn’t want him to die solving the issue in his village. He then rejects Beowulf’s offer on battling Grendel. Beowulf rises up either way and amputates Grendel’s arm and shows the king that he is able to help him handle this situation. It deeply affected the kingdom after Beowulf defeats Grendel and his mother. After he is then pronounced to be king. This shows the Hrothgar and the village trust Beowulf to run everything, due to his character traits. Beowulf represented the good in everyday life which helps everyone, and someone that helps solve the issues. His character traits help him to be able to do this. The character traits consist of; loyalty, bravery, courage, confidence, and honesty. Each trait molds him into who he is, which allows him to be a good leader and hero. He is a hero because, one he solves the issue of Grendel, then the other monsters. Two, he has the character traits that define him as a good leader that also lead him into battle with a strong head able to …show more content…
This affected the other business by destroying them slowly. He won over almost all of the gas stations which gave him the power. The connection in this is that in order for him to succeed and take over the oil empire is to take down each obstacle, the other gas stations, and make his the one people want to go to. Rockefeller would be Beowulf who wanted to destroy the obstacles affecting his life. The battle of good and evil that compares to the modern society can be described as the relationship between a person and their phones or electronics. The battle between good and evil can now be directed towards our generation. We mostly grown up on all the newest electronics, which can be a downfall. It can starts to affect our physical and mental health. It doesn’t affect us if we aren’t on it all the time but when we are on them constantly are generation starts to struggle. Especially with social media, we are constantly on it all the time, even without thinking about it. Each newest IPhone comes out we instantly need it, why? Our generation has grown up on the advancement of technology, which ‘slowly kills us’. The addiction to the newest IPhone or electronic is the evil in society today, especially social media. We are the good we can use it to change to world, or do nothing. Technology has taken such a toll on the development of science, we are now

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