Lucy Dawidowicz

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  • Adolf Hitler's Genocide Of The Jews

    He first came up with methods to eradicate the Jewish population while he was serving his prison sentence in 1925. While in prison, he wrote a book titled Mein Kampf about his struggles in life and his intense hatred against Jews. Historian Lucy Dawidowicz believes that Hitler's time in imprisonment caused him to plan mass murder against the Jewish community because of his history with Jews and WW1. Such as his time in Vienna. Hitler attempted to join the academy of fine arts, but was rejected…

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  • The Role Of Racism In Nazi Germany

    population understood that intense racism was a major factor of Nazism, his mixture of Volkish ideals and a clear direction for Germany ensured many people that “Hitler’s New Order would ensure peace for a thousand years.” Hitler was able to legitimize these mass killings through the idea of the Volk to the German population. The last hindering aspect of the Volkish ideals from controlling German politics was its lack of direction in a political party. While the ideology was popular and was…

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