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  • Gottlob Frege's On Sense And Reference

    In On Sense and Reference, Gottlob Frege analyzes the concept of identity statements. He aims to figure out what kind of relation equality is and solve an apparent puzzle that results from identity statements. Frege defines and uses the notions of sense and reference to explain the differences two types of identity claims, “a=a” and “a=b.” In this paper I will explain Frege’s puzzle and its application to identity statements and propositional attitude ascriptions. I will then give Frege’s…

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  • Sexism In Movie Essay

    As my generation has grown up, it has been a trend for movie makers to make the old superhero comics and films into new and improved superhero films. In all the films that I have seen advertised, on DVD, or in theaters, a man has been portrayed as the big and strong main character/superhero and the woman has been portrayed as the “damsel in distress.” Even on the posters for the movies the guy is made to look larger than the woman even if she has the privilege to be on the poster. Sexism is a…

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  • Taming Of The Shrew: Film Analysis

    is a play-within-a-play. It is about Fred Graham creating his own musical version and he invites his ex-wife, Lilli Vanessi, to perform Katherine Minola. Fred has the lead role of Petruchio and he also invites his secondary romance, Lois Lane, to play Bianca Minola. Lois’ gambler boyfriend, Bill Calhoun, signs a UIO using Fred’s name so two gangsters arrive at the theater to collect the gambling debt. Petruchio persuades the gangsters to keep Lilli acting so that they could receive payment for…

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  • Feminism In Comics Women

    states in an article that, “victims that needed to be rescued by the male protagonist; a prize that needed to be won by either the male villain or hero.” The author of the article goes on to give an example of how in the first issue of Superman, Lois Lane, who would become a future love interest, is only in the comic to get kidnapped by some criminals and then for Superman to save (fantasy-magazine.com). In the book Wonder Woman Unbound, author Tim Hanley goes on to say that, “Often captured by…

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  • Judgement In Sir Gawain And The Faerie Queene

    What is it that we see in a knight or a hero? Do we focus on their physical appearance or do we think about their moral representation? From medieval texts to modern day movies, some aspects of physical appearance and ethics have changed while some have stayed the same. Writers often depict men in a way in which they feel is suitable to justify them as a knight or hero. Sometimes, though, writers try to connect the reader to a character in order to make them feel equal. A quality like judgement…

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  • Superman Comparison Essay

    Superman is an all-powerful alien from Krypton with supernatural abilities such as super strength and heat vision.Batman, however, is simply a man in a bat suit without super powers, how could Batman even prevail against Superman?Batman's not an ordinary human that you may think, he possesses no weakness, he's a remarkably intelligent man, he knows supermans weakness, and since he acknowledges martial arts he can protect himself from danger.Although both Superman and Batman are superheroes,…

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  • Batman Vs Superman Research Paper

    even think that anything more than platonic between the Big Three could be a huge mistake. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is directed by Zack Snyder and will also star Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Amy Adams as Lois Lane. The film will premiere on March…

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  • Superman Character Analysis

    superb intelligence. There is, however, a scene in the original Superman movie from 1978 where Superman, after being unable to save his beloved Lois Lane, despite the warnings of his father Jor-El whose voice is heard as an echo in Kal-El’s mind, interferes with human history and turns back time in order to save Lois. Before turning back time and saving Lois he felt the same thing as Peter Parker did when his beloved uncle Ben was killed – despite their superpowers they could not protect the…

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  • Glass Puzzle Video Analysis

    by Joan Jonas, is a work of recursive introspection. It is simultaneously a video of a performance and a performance of video, using the medium as a form of spatial sculpture. The core elements in the piece consist of Jonas and her doppelganger, Lois Lane, the studio they’re performing in, a swinging bar affixed to the ceiling, their gestures and poses, the camera recording their performance (the active camera), the monitor receiving the projection of that performance, a second camera recording…

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  • Sexualization Of Women

    A beautiful woman is heard screaming from the top of her lungs as she is dangling over the ledge of a building by a maniacal villain. “Help me, Superman!” she yells. Faster than a speeding bullet, the Man of Steel himself rushes to save the pretty damsel in distress. A garish, over the top villain known as the Joker is wreaking havoc on Gotham City. The bat signal lights up the night sky calling for Batman to swoop in and save the good citizens of Gotham. Nothing quite captures the imagination…

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