Lesbian feminism

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  • Lesbian Culture In The 20th Century

    A comparison of the lesbian community from the twentieth century and that which exists today shows almost no resemblance between the two. The traits that marked lesbian culture as ‘distinct’ - namely butch/femme identities - have been replaced by the modern lesbian. The butch/femme lesbian dichotomy of the early twentieth century challenged society’s definition of being female, but the rise of lesbian feminism and the “new lesbian” critiqued this traditional approach as ‘heterosexual roleplay’…

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  • Diversity In Childhood

    In this article Rahilly (2015) discusses the process in which a parent must learn and accept the new identity taken upon by their child. Her approach is taken in three forms: gender literacy, gender hedging and ‘playing along’. She conducts her research through a method that contains the answers from parents who mainly identify as heterosexual. Amongst these findings the participants are children under the age of nineteen and are either gender-variant or transgender. In terms of demographics,…

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  • Stonewall Film Analysis

    was not accepted. It was common to be imprisoned or committed to a psychiatric institution if found out. More broadly, gay and lesbian literature was produced to a…

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  • Bronfenbrenner Ecological Theory

    Lesbian women encounter different consequences in various regions of the United States while disclosing their sexual identity. For instance, the Midwest and Southern states are difficult areas to live openly as a person who identify themselves as LGBT. Disclosure and non-disclosure of one’s sexual identity can be difficult for lesbian women because they think about the severity of the consequences. If lesbian women resides in a region that values heterosexual identity only, then she may…

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  • Homosexuality In Harlem

    is the black lesbian subculture that began to arise. This subculture intertwined with Afro-American jazz and the blues, working as both outlets for sexual and emotional expression and social awareness. These music genres, their lyricism, and the lesbian singers that brought life to them impacted the development of American arts in New York through a growing population of openly sexual women. Homosexuality was clearly…

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  • Amy Mccandless 'Preserving The Pedestal'

    An intimate relationship shared between two college women was labeled as a “smash” or a “crush” up until in the late 19th Century. There was seemingly nothing deviant about the relationship and was defined as, “one girl, generally an underclassman, and usually a freshman, becomes much attached to another girl, ordinarily an upper-class girl. The young girl is ‘crushed’ and the other, sends her flowers and tries in various ways to give expression to her admiration.” Historian Lillian Faderman…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between Sappho And Katherine Phillips

    forever be unknown. Despite the mysterious details of their lives which seem to allude us, their heartwarming poems about sexuality are memorable and iconic in the realm of homosexuality. Although it was never certain whether these two poets were lesbians or not, their sensual writings about love and women seem to suggest otherwise. Born on the island of Lesbos in 630 BC, Sappho, known for her lyric poetry, created poems directed at the women she loved, and was also a part of a collective of…

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  • Stereotyping And Adoption

    Riskind, Patterson, and Nosek (2013) found that self-efficacy was a large predictor in whether or not LGBT members would become parents. “However, they [lesbian and gay people] were somewhat optimistic about overcoming barriers to adoptive and foster parenthood…” (Riskind, Patterson, and Nosek 2013). The optimistic outlook of adoption and fostering lead to the belief that LGBT members that are higher in self-efficacy…

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  • The Women Of Brewster Place By Gloria Naylor Analysis

    novel she told a story of two lesbian women that lived in Brewster Place who were involved in a complex relationship with one another. The sight of the lesbian couple made the other women of Brewster Place feel uneasy because they were so different from them and they could not figure out how two women could be together. Lorraine struggled to gain acceptance and to ignore the rumors from the other women of Brewster Place which caused a great damper on the lesbian couple relationship.…

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  • Research Paper On Single Parent

    Despite the fact that gay relational unions are lawful now it is still hard to except by some if gay men and lesbian women did not live in vast urban communities, for example, New York, San Francisco, and Boston, where vital gay and lesbian society flourishes, gay men and lesbian women generally, for the most part, kept their sexual introduction a firmly protected mystery at work. A large number of them manufactured social lives that included…

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