History Of Lesbianism

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Journal #8-Surprise

News and history are part of my daily existence. I like to be in the “know” of my surroundings and know what is going on in the world. I usually like to watch the news, check Facebook or check my daily news feeds on my phone. These are mostly updated hourly so I can really get good knowledge of what’s happening “live”. Most recently I have been coming across things like “weird” news or “unusual history” from the past that I had no knowledge of or, better yet, know they even existed. One piece of history that was somewhat surprising to me was the history of lesbianism.
We all know that lesbianism has been around for a long time. I know that the gay community is still in the shadows and not really openly accepted still
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She was a very interesting woman. She was one of the firsts to be an openly gay black woman and be genuinely happy about it. She even married a woman. She did a lot of different shows where she dressed up as a man along with many gay women and men. They would do shows in underground Harlem during the Roaring 20’s. At that time it was known as the Harlem renaissance. They would have balls known as “drag balls” where they would entertain you with song and dance. The most interesting thing that I learned about her was that she eventually hid her identity due to culture change and after the postwar. It was found that she fell in love with a man and married him. (Sherouse)There were no findings to this story, but to learn that she went from being happy and openly gay to falling in love with a man is pretty distract. I feel that maybe at that time it was the best instead of being ridiculed. We never know why people change but, culture and a society shift have a lot to do with “distract …show more content…
My findings conclude that in my own experience, I never knew how much these women affected our culture and influences that we have today. It’s sad to say that I never knew these women existed. Both these women made a huge impression in history and of lesbianism. Sappo was a highly influential woman with amazing poetry that still transcends through our time. Bentley was a highly motivating figure who showed strength and perseverance through the time when dressing up like a man was taboo. I understand now for wanting to see beyond the horizon, I would have never came across these two extraordinary women. Thinking outside your realm or of the unknown can lead to the truth about what is really going on in the

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