African Warrior Women Analysis

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The presentation African Warrior Women shows that throughout time, African women have been a force to be reckoned with. The women depicted in this presentation were strong and fearless women. They were not afraid to be the first to accomplish a task and were determined to make a path for future generations. These women fought for injustice and proved that they could do just as much as their male counterparts. That even though they were faced with the fear of prison or even death, it was important to make a mark on the world.

I thought of the struggles each woman must have faced during their given time and believe that each individual provided a strong foundation for all women to build upon. I can understand why so many black women feel empowered by their legacy. I feel proud to be a woman because so many inspirational women have come before me.
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In doing so it may propel each of us forward on a quest to leave our own legacy. I learned that each of these women were multifaceted individuals that did not bow down to convention but decided to push the limits and break the proverbial chains.

The information in this presentation was very important because it showed me that I too can make a change and leave a mark on the world. I might not be an African Warrior Woman, but I am an individual with a voice. I have compassion for others and am horrified by injustice. It is important because information is knowledge and that can change the world once we use our voice to make a

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