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  • Slavenka Drakulić's How We Survived Communism And Even Laughed

    Feminism is, without a doubt, one of the most misunderstood social justice movements in modernity. There are a number of people, contemporary and otherwise, who refuse to even call themselves feminists due to the negative connotation the word has acquired – images of bras being burned, discussions of mandatory castration, militant pursuit of misogynist men in both the public and personal sphere – all of these things contribute to a very dark, almost violent image of feminist spaces. And while…

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  • So Long A Letter And Scarlet Song Critical Analysis

    Ogundipe-Leslie’s stwanist theory and Carol Davie’s Ngambika – balancing. Through this project, I hope to contribute to existing body of knowledge these neglected aspect of African literary criticism. Chapter one exposits the relationship or intersection of feminism and culture in African…

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  • If I Were A Boy Analysis

    aren’t really that different.’? Ask yourself this: If you were the opposite gender, how would you act? Beyoncé’s main goal was to answer this exact question in her music video for her hit song ‘If I were a Boy’. Beyoncé is a well renowned activist for feminism most commonly known for her empowering lyrics and talented voice, which has earned her 53 award nominations and 20 Grammys. Soon after her music video premiere for ‘If I Were a Boy’, she was interviewed by Billboard Magazine about the song…

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  • Janes Gaines's White Privilege And Looking Relations: Race And Gender In Feminist Film Theory?

    In Janes Gaines’s, White Privilege and Looking Relations: Race and Gender in Feminist Film Theory, Gaines wanted to show how a theory of the text and its spectator, based on the psychoanalytic concept of sexual difference, is unequipped to deal with a film which is about racial difference and sexuality. “The Diana Ross star vehicle Mahogany (directed by Berry Gordy, 1975) immediately suggests a psychoanalytic approach because the narrative is organized around the connections between voyeurism…

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  • And Gender Constitution: An Essay In Phenomenology And Feminist Theory By Judith Butler

    Critical review of the article Performative Acts and Gender Constitution: An Essay in Phenomenology and Feminist Theory by Judith Butler Gender is a difficult term to define. Some people might think it is the external characteristics of a person what marks it, others believe it is what it is what you feel inside, and another may hold that is what society imposes them. This critical review examines an article that argues that “gender identity is a performative accomplishment compelled by social…

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  • The Yellow Wallpaper Trifles And A Doll's House Essay

    What connects “The Yellow Wallpaper,” Trifles, and A Doll’s House is the underlying feminist overtones. Throughout all three pieces the status of women is a major underlying point that drives the stories. In “The Yellow Wallpaper” the status of women drives the narrator into a state of psychosis, In Trifles the status of women, paradoxically, is what allows the murder to be solved (and covered up), and in A Doll’s House the status of women, along with a general statement of the human condition,…

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  • Feminism In Morocco

    goals” (McKanders 2014: 167). Although the term “feminism” in its Western sense is often apply, these women seek out “to define their own form of feminism that promotes women’s rights within their own particular Islamic context and are, generally, not too concerned with labels of ‘feminist’ or ‘feminism’” (Evrard 2014, Wuerth 2005). Furthermore, French colonial rule and up until Morocco’s independence in 1956, had an impact on perceptions of feminism. To some extent, colonization occasioned some…

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  • Identity Stamps By Maya Angelou

    Maya Angelou has sowed the right seed for women liberation in America through her versatile poems, plays and songs. She is a multi-faceted genius. She is an author, poet, historian, songwriter, playwright, dancer, stage and screen producer, director, performer, singer, and civil rights activist. She has carved her imprints in Hollywood and she is the first black woman director of Hollywood. She has written, produced, directed, and starred for stage, film, and television. In 1971, she wrote a…

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  • Importance Of Gender Budgeting Essay

    Gender budgeting has been conceptualized to study the gaps or deficiencies of prevailing in our society, particularly in employment, education, health care, women literacy and so forth. Gender budgeting in Indian context emphasizes women centric development covering mainly gender equality and development. Development of women is central to any country's progress. As per Government of India, Gender Budgeting initiatives which allocate money to implement policies and programs were supposed to…

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  • Irony In The Yellow Wallpaper

    Women have been for a long time, and are still today, considered to be inferior to men. Since the first official feminist movement in the 1960s, women’s conditions have gradually gotten much better. However, when the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” was published in 1892, women were most often seen only as their husband’s wife and nothing more. Still, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the author of that same story, decided to do something bold: through her use of irony, through her allusions to…

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