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  • Song Of Song Analysis

    This paper claims that the Song of Song is a marker and by product of ancient biblical communal and theological identity with core values that upholds sexual purity and emphasizes the essentiality of desire within covenant love relationship. This paper suggests that Song is an anthology of love songs that emerged from the oral tradition; revised and refined over a period of centuries from 10th to 4th century B.C.E through a medium technology analogous to the shared internet; and edited and…

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  • The Crusades: The Expansion Of Western Civilization

    win back the Holy Land from the Muslims” (Backman 313). This happened during a time of religious persecution and a rise of the Christian faith and “proceeded the centuries old struggle for control of the eastern Mediterranean shore” (Backman 313). The Crusades have been seen as a holy war, deemed justifiable through means of religious property; yet others see the Crusades as merely a way to expand the Christian empire, through a facade of “religious attempt to regain the holy land” as a…

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  • Joshua 1-9 Analysis

    Introduction According to David Howard, “Joshua was written to provide an interpretive history of one slice of Israel’s life as a people.” This “slice of life” Old Testament narrative begins in Joshua 1:1-9 with an authoritative call to be strong, courageous and obedient. This passage serves to outline and prepare the reader for the body of work to follow. At the core, Joshua is a story of radical obedience to God and His law. Within the opening verses there is also a great promise for those…

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  • Character Analysis: To A God Unknown

    explores the use of the different types of conflicts to progress the plot and develop a theme. The first major conflict seen in the novel can be classified as a man against man conflict. Joseph has set off to California to pursue his fondness of the land and crosses paths with a man named Juanito who has agreed to help Joseph as a vaquero in return for his friendship. Juanito is seemingly a good hardworking man that would not…

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  • Example Of Foreshadowing In Wicked By Gregory Maguire

    Wicked, by Gregory Maguire, explores the life of the infamous “Wicked Witch of the West,” formerly known as Elphaba. Elphaba is born green. On top of that, she is almost completely/entirely unloved by her parents. Elphaba must navigate through life in Oz, facing the challenges of her appearance, an unjust government, racial injustices, life in society, and a world that seems like it’s out to get her. Slowly and steadily, Elphaba begins to tumble down farther and farther away from her reasonable…

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  • Wizard Of Oz Interpretation

    The film adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz was one of the most important movies of its time, capturing the eyes of the young and old with bright color and lively songs. But behind the bright green lights of Oz, were real people put in real danger. Between an unsafe set, dangerous makeup, and generally unpleasant and unenjoyable conditions, filming The Wizard of Oz was anything but magical bubbles and sparkling ruby slippers for the Hollywood stars of Oz. On the set of The Wizard of…

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  • Culture And Religion Essay

    differences. After forty years of wandering throughout Moab, the Israelites finally made it to their promise land. There were many battles to be fought to gain control over their land. They would regroup for more assaults on fortresses and cities. They established cities and made a land for themselves. But with the land came invaders and outside influences on the Israelites. During the land of Canaan, while the Hebrews were establishing a nation, they had to fight off the influences of the…

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  • Exegetical Essay On Joshua's Teachings

    successor of Moses in leading the conquest of Canaan after Moses death. It was a change of command that he received the solemn charge of leading Israel to the Promised Land where Moses left off. Although the Book of Joshua tells of Israel’s conquest of Canaan, almost half of the book (chapters 13-21) provides us with details of how the land would be divided between Israel’s twelve tribes. Clearly, it is a reminder of God’s…

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  • The Medhurst House

    composition of rectangles (blades) superimposed over much narrower rectangles (sticks). To one side of this PROUN-like abstraction are the regular, precise, parallel rows of European grape vines; to the other side, random Australian native gum trees. As land art, the Medhurst House is juxtaposed against two notions of 'nature ': cultivated and wild. At a metaphysical level, the house stands between order and chaos. On one side, it opens to the order of the vineyard below; and on the other side,…

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  • The Bible: A Huge Piece Of Art

    and land he knew, to the land of Canaan. In order to convince Abraham to work with God, He created a covenant and promised to bless Abraham, create a nation out of him, and one day bless all of the ethnics of the world. God trusted God’s promises and through the righteousness of Abraham God blessed he and his wife Sarah with a son, Isaac. God continually presented His promises and time went on. Isaac later had twins, Esau and Jacob. God then decided to choose Jacob to receive the Promised Land,…

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