Wizard Of Oz Interpretation

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The film adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz was one of the most important movies of its time, capturing the eyes of the young and old with bright color and lively songs. But behind the bright green lights of Oz, were real people put in real danger. Between an unsafe set, dangerous makeup, and generally unpleasant and unenjoyable conditions, filming The Wizard of Oz was anything but magical bubbles and sparkling ruby slippers for the Hollywood stars of Oz.
On the set of The Wizard of Oz there were multiple accidents and injuries as the result of set malfunctions and issues with props. During the scene where Dorothy and her three companions had a spell cast upon them by the Wicked Witch of the West, they lay in a field of poppies
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When Margaret Hamilton had her accident where she was badly burned, the makeup artists had to clean off the poisinous makeup off her. Normally the witch makeup was removed with an acetone cleaner, but because of the curcumstaces rubbing alcohol had to be used to clean the wound. For Hamilton this was nearly unbearable, but since it was unladylike to scream she sat quiety as her makeup was removed. Before official filming had even begun, Christian “Buddy” Ebsen was hired to play the Tin Woodman. In order to design the the finalized costume for his character, they needed to test makeup and costume ideas. As he was going to play the Tin Man, he had to test in clothes made of real tin and his makeup was made of real aluminum powder. About two weeks later, he was suffering breathing problems and had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. His lungs were coated in aluminum powder. After his accident, Buddy didn’t return to the set. Jack Haley was hired to play the Tin Man instead. For the revised Tin Man costume, they changed one key element: the aluminum powder. For Haley’s costume, his face makeup was an aluminum paste instead. Unfortunately, Jack Haley acquired an eye infection from the aluminum paste. The makeup for the costume of the scarecrow required a rubber mask covered in makeup in a woven pattern. Due to the many times the makeup …show more content…
The makeup artists didn’t have all the knowledge of makeup used during the production of the film, so there were many makeup related injuries that could 've been avoided. Along with set problems that could 've been fixed, and events on the set that were just downright

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