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  • The Importance Of Individuality In The Grapes Of Wrath

    Steinbeck illustrates the importance of individuality by showing certain characters in the book that only worries about their own self and not the wellness of a whole. In the beginning of the novel when the bank is said to be taking away people’s land. Steinbeck personifies the bank into a monster that only cares about profit. So they come and take away these migrant families’ land since the economy is failing, they do so without considering the end result for these people. When the owners came…

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  • Concert Analysis: Theodore Adorno And Walter Benjamin

    Theodore Adorno and Walter Benjamin were both theorists associated with the Frankfurt School of Social Research. They proposed the idea of mass cultural marketing in the modern era but differed on the purpose of the culture industry. Adorno believed that culture had developed into a consumer good where profit was made and Benjamin saw culture, specifically artistic creativity such as music, to play a role in political ideology. Although differing views on the function of culture separated the…

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  • The Road To Serfdom Analysis

    In the chapter “Economic Control and Totalitarianism” from the book The Road to Serfdom, the author F.A. Hayek, talks about the differences between an unplanned and planned economy. Hayek goes on to explain how a planned economy could hinder people’s opportunity to be individualistic and part of a sound society. Hayek talks about how in an unplanned economy, everyone can make it and have the right to be individuals. He also scrutinizes planned economies for being too over bearing. With these…

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  • Durkheim's Theory Of Solidarity

    Solidarity, theorized by Durkheim, fluctuates in accordance with the state in which society evolves into. A modern society, having distinct characteristics that differ from a traditional society, has its own form of solidarity. Durkheim suggests, this is so due to gradual (or sometimes rapid) changes in societal functionality. As society evolves or transitions from traditional to modernity, a change in consciousness and social ideals occur. Stability, being paramount in Durkheim’s theory, must…

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  • Importance Of Sociological Theory In Islam

    Sociological is the study of events, trends and relationship in human societies. We can learn the principles that societies used to survive, how they develop and which factors that strengthen or weaken them through all these studies of human social relationship and institution. Basic principles are one of the characteristics of Islamic Sociological Theory. As what we know, Allah SWT is the Creator, the Ruler and the Lord that creates human in this universe. He also provided a temporary home in…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Alienation

    Marx mentioned capitalism system in which bourgeoisie owns the means of production and the proletariat must sell their labor-time to the capitalist to survive. Marx explained that in this type of system, capitalist are the ones who have private ownership of the means of production in which they make workers produce commodities for exchange in the market. These commodities that are produced are not essentially used immediately but they are mostly used, in the view of the capitalist, to be…

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  • Max Weber's Theory Of Rationalization Analysis

    In social science there many important theorists such as Èmile Durkheim, Karl Marx and Max Weber, and they discussed a lot of concepts in social science but this essay will focus and examine Max Weber's concept of rationalization. And to what extent does this concept will help to explain the characteristics of modern societies. There is a lot of information's about rationalization over many centuries, its start with Max weber in 19th century with much of details. Modern society characteristics…

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  • Equilibrium Search Theory And The Equilibrium Search Model

    The classical competitive equilibrium theory assumes that there is centralized market where buyers and sellers of labor can meet and trade at a single price. In reality the supply-and-demand approach seems poorly suited for some questions that arise in the labor market. Particularly questions such as why identical workers in an identical job position are paid differently? How are wages determined? Is there bargaining between firms and workers? Equilibrium search theory provides a rigorous but…

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  • The Coundaries Of Industrial Relations And Employment Relations

    Abstract The concepts of industrial relations and employment relations have been used interchangeably to connote the relationship that exists in a work organization between the owners of the factors of production and labour. Attempts have been made to explain and label correctly both concepts but the controversy rages on. Scholars have opined that industrial relations is broader than employee relations and vice-versa. This paper attempts to clearly identify the differences (if any), the…

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  • The Struggle Of Life In Mahesh's Tell Me A Story

    Mahesh realizes that in society only upper class people have power and they are not bothered about the condition of the lower class. They just exploit lower class people to make their own profit. Mahesh thinks that Charan Das who is owner of the factory in which he works exploits his factory employees The misery of people living in a condition of poverty and their struggle to maintain the basic needs of life is shown in the novel. The second part of novel Tell Me A Story is totally different in…

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