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  • Fyffe House Analysis

    In the town of Kaikoura, New Zealand, a heritage building is located by the Kaikoura Peninsula, known as the Fyffe House. This area is well known for bringing in European settlers around the 1840s due to whaling, and it is the interest in whales that makes it still relevant for people today through the recreation of whale watching. It appears that the Fyffe House is the only physical evidence that reflects the time of European settlement in this region. Therefore, it should be explored how the building and its elements are able to represent the time it lived in, and also whether it made an impact to its local culture and surroundings by either adapting or altering the indigenous Oceania architecture. The region of Kaikoura has a rich history…

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  • Sustainable Ecotourism Case Study

    What are the barriers that prevent these countries from achieving sustainable ecotourism? Answers to the above questions as follows, How Kaikoura New Zealand, Malaysia and Zimbabwe achieve sustainable ecotourism? According to the information I got from these three cases still these counties have to develop some areas in order to achieve sustainable ecotourism. The areas they have to develop to achieve development in ecotourism as follows, • Any of these countries didn’t think about the…

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  • Explain Why They Were So Important To You

    I felt very relaxed on the plane it was a good flight after a few hours the waitresses came and were giving us the menu. Although I wasn't that hungry the food looked good and I really wanted to eat them but the bad thing was that it wasn't for free it was so expensive like a tiny sausage roll was 5 dollars so we decided not to buy it. After a few minutes, we landed it was a nice and safe flight although the food was expensive. At the airport who we first met was my uncle he looked a bit…

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