Explain Why They Were So Important To You

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Describe in detail three special days during your holidays and explain why they were so important to you.

The first day that was most important to me was on Sunday the 24th of December. On that day I and my family had a feast at a place called Apple Garden, Also my mom’s friend Grace came as well. We all had a great time, there we had so much food that we could have all our stomachs could explode.

After the food we played and ran around the field we had so much fun. And at last, we had a family photo. I had one with my mum dad and my brother but also Hayden secretly joined in. Finally, we said goodbye to each other and went off in our cars this was one of my favourite times in the holidays.

My next day was at Glenbrook it was a very exciting
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And I will tell you slowly and comfortably like my flight about the places I've been to.

Chapter 3
After the break

When I first saw my uncle I was very satisfied with how much he had changed it was pretty funny my brother though. At that time I didn't know anything about him about his face or about his house. When we arrived we first ate lunch then we played, although there was not much to play we still could play with the building blocks and the tv. They also had a radio that was very old but it still worked.

Well after that we mostly slept because we were very tired. In the morning our uncle woke up and showed us around the house he had 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
I never knew why he had so many spare bathrooms that he didn't even use.

After that I and my mum were planning where to go in Christchurch we first were planning to go to Akaroa where we first saw was the beach it was a very wavy one but weirder it wasn't salty my mother said it was because it was part of a lake so I started drinking it. It was fun until a jellyfish stung me first it was calm but after it started to sting and it was going all over my body, unfortunately, I had to go out of the sea A.K.A the

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