My Amazing Trip Essay

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My Amazing Trip

On my trip to Galveston I had a lot of fun! Me and my family had drove from Austin to Galveston, it was a 4 hour trip. It was loud and tring and on are way there was a Buc-ees we stop and decided to get lunch because one half was a food market the other half a souvenir shop. During the trip I saw a Beach for the first time and on the beach I saw a fish that had been cut in half by a boat propeller. Then my Grandpa Pete (he loves to joke and have fun) he decided to pick the fish up and chase me with it.

My mom Lacey (she is a great soul and loves to have fun as well) said “Stop tormenting the poor thing.” But it was a lot of fun.

Then we finally arrived we checked in then went to get pancakes from Ihop and I ordered
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When we got there we unpacked and to my surprise this condo was a lake house. Then I went and got the fishing rods. That’s when I caught my first Blue …show more content…
My cousin Hana (my cousin loves to have fun but she is a little controlling) forced me on the Fireball. When the ride was over I ended up throwing up. Even worse I had also just eaten cotton candy and kettle corn. While we were on the boardwalk something really embarrassing happened I was wearing a white tank-top and skirt and decided to go on a water ride like nine times and to make things worse there were a ton of guys that saw. I was thinking omg how could I be so stupid. So my cousin rushed me to the sauna to dry me off and when that didn’t work I had to ride every windy ride to dry off. Once I was finally dry my mom got me some shaved ice and cocoa to make things better.This also covered for the incident because before we left the boardwalk there was a giant firework show.

The following day my mom and I went down to the beach and ended up stepping on a crab. She bleed for 2 mins then we went back to having fun. Also while we were on the beach for the first time ever i was able to collect she shells and I ended up putting my finger in bird poop because I thought it was a shell. I also tried to learn how to boogie board and I never got to because I was to scared of the water and refused to.
On are last day my mom, grandma, cousin, aunt, and I went on a gift shop spree we were out all day and while we were out my dad decided to come see us and we when on the duck tour, out to eat and rented a bike for four. While

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