My Trip to Sixflags Essays

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Mohamed Othman 9/22/11

My Trip to Six Flags

Wow! Look at that roller coaster and its speed and all of the timorous people on it. That’s what you expect to see when you go to Six Flags. Yes, finally the day I go to Six Flags, I felt overjoyed I was so excited! All I could see was roller coasters everywhere. As soon as we were walking to buy our tickets all I could hear was all the fearful people on the rides. I was eager. The line to buy tickets was long but I knew it was going to be worth it. “About time!” I thought to myself as we finally brought our tickets. Now it’s fun time, no
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When I went off I was amazed I survived. Me and my big brother and my little brother had fun with a lot more roller coasters. Soon it was eight forty five, the park was going to close in fifteen minutes because it was Sunday and it closed early. My big brother warned me we had to go ride the superman. We had to run because we were on the other side of the park. Soon we arrived at eight fifty, and the worst thing happened in the world. The person in charge of the roller coaster would not let anyone ride. Everyone started a huge riot, saying stuff like we still have ten minutes, and they drove a hundred miles to get here. One person even tried to throw his shake at him. Soon the manager had to call security to get us out. After that everyone started to yell that SeaWorld was better. That was it the park had closed and it was time to go home. I was tired and exhausted. I took a shower and went to bed. That was one of the best trips of my life. This trip made me feel that I am lucky to have a family. That night I had the best dream, I went there

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