Personal Narrative: Moving To San Mateo, California

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After my mom passed away three years ago because of a car crash my dad and I decided to move to San Mateo, California. Everything was new to my father and I, but we had to find a way to move on, moving from Michigan to California was a huge difference. In San Mateo the beach is right across our house; everyday is as bright and sunny as the last, in Michigan everyday was like winter. Well, in just one week I’ll be starting school at San Mateo Mountain High School. New kid, at a new school with no friends, great this was going to be fun.
I went into the house and my dad was just finishing up unpacking the last box. This house was much smaller than the one we had back in Michigan. But it was big enough for me and my dad, we didn’t care, especially
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ugh.. I’m Gale,” Why was I so nervous to talk to her? Now I’m stuttering! I repeated myself. “Hi, I’m Gale, nice to meet you, I’m new in town.” That’s more like it Gale, I said to myself.
“Well nice to meet you too I hope you like San Mateo so far,” and she reached to shake my hand.
Just then the bus arrived, everyone was on their phones checking texts or on their social media- the addiction of our generation these days. The engines purred down the Stell road and the aroma was of new plastics and fabrics. Quinn soon found some friends and went to sit by them, while I was stuck sitting alone in the back of the bus by the window.

My first class was English, I was hoping to have Quinn in one of my classes today but so far it 's not my first period. The teacher Mrs. Smith, had already began calling roll call, and just like usual everyone says here if they are here. But I was too busy thinking to myself I didn’t hear my name get called. Just like always,first days of school are always the easiest, take home papers sign and done, thats our homework. After the bell rang, everyone was finding their way to second period. “Ok I have… math next. with Mr. Stewart. And just like last class it went by quick. Before I knew it, it was third period and I was going to my physical education class, with Mr. Simmons. It was now fourth period and I still haven’t had a class with Quinn. Heading to American Government I spotted Quinn standing in front of her class, hoping it was mine too,
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Tears started streaming down my face like rain rolls of from a window car. I looked at my dad and he had no words to say. He just stood there, motionless, blank.
“Just don’t talk to me dad! Don’t say anything. All this time! Mom was alive and I didn’t know, I loved her so much dad-” I had never talked to my dad like that, but anger took over me, all the sadness filled me and empty- empty is what I am.
“Son she just left one night, I thought she would be back, but then I got divorce paper through the mail and well she told me she was moving out of state but I never thought she would move over to California, I thought it best to tell you she died.”
“Dad, please leave.”
I turned toward the window and tried to forget, forget everything, this is what was

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