Kamakura shogunate

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  • Origin Of Japanese Culture Essay

    The origination of Japanese culture is unsure, but it is said that it goes back 7,000 years ago. A very important era to focus on is the Kamakura Shogunate era that started in 1185 and ended in 1133. Kamakura lasted for about 150 years, but had a great impact on the history of Japan. In 1192, Minamoto Yoritomo took total control of the country and was appointed shogun. He established the very first warrior government in Japan’s history. When appointed shogun, Yoritomo had total control of the military and warrior class, and whoever has control of the military, has control of the country. Like any other feudal country, there was a cast system that was establish long before time. Sadly, for most people, there is no movement between each class. If you were born into a samurai family, luck was by your side. On the other hand, if you were born into a farm family, you stay in the peasant…

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  • Kamakura Society Essay

    Minamoto no Yoritomo, the leader of his clan and victor of the Genpei War, decided to locate his capital in Kamakura, while governing the sharing power of Japan with the Emperor Go-Toba, who gave him the title shogun, which resided in Kyoto. Thus, establishing the first warrior government with a new notion, as stated by Jeffrey P. Mass states in “Identity, Personal Names, and Kamakura Society”, that Minamoto-led bakufu embraced warriors from all clans. Kamakura is stated by David Spafford, as…

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  • Madame Sogoro Analysis

    Protest activity, prompted by prolonged inequality, arises from the frustrations of men who feel socio-economically disadvantaged and are displeased with the government’s approach towards society’s issues. The Tokugawa and Meiji periods encountered several instances of uprising amongst the peasantry—most notably those led by Oshio Heihachiro, Tanaka Shozo, and Sakura Sogoro. The story of Sakura Sogoro—a protest in which an archetypal heroic peasant martyr appealed directly to the elites in…

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  • Tokugawa Shogunate Research Paper

    The Tokugawa Shogunate was a period when peace reigned throughout Japan and the Daimyo were able to be brought under control. This period was called the Tokugawa period also known as the Edo period. This was also a period when Japan was cut off from the rest of the world. The daimyo were one of the great lords of Japan (shogun above them) who had many samurais under their control. Oda Nobunaga, a Japanese warrior and government official, decided in 1568 to conquer the daimyo and gain control…

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  • Confucianism During The Tokugawa Era

    Tokugawa Era As Tokugawa Ieyasu once said “The strong manly ones in life are those who understand the meaning of the word patience.” Tokugawas main goal was to unite Japan, no matter how long it took. To him patience was not just waiting, it was enduring the hardships and all about self control. Tokugawa came to power by claiming descent from Minamoto Yamritomo. He ruled over japan from 1590–1616, and after his death his heirs occupied the shogunate and japan enjoyed peace for more than 250…

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  • Importance Of Japan's Education System

    Japan’s Educational System: An Admirable Method Most people would agree that the country of Japan is a world superpower that holds plenty of influence over much of the present world. Of course, the island country did not suddenly hold as much power as it currently does in a single day, nor did it have a lack of struggle to get to its current position. Japan has a long history that leads up to its current events, and a major portion of that history has contributed to the country’s current record…

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  • Five Women Who Loved Love Analysis

    About The Author and Book The book Five Women Who Loved Love was written by novelist and poet Saikaku Ihara. It is a combination of five novels and was first published in 1686. These different novels have been around for 330 years now and has since been a very popular book as age increased. Ihara was able to really understand the modern world. He was a writer during the Genroku period, which was the Edo era and known as the golden age. Saikaku born in 1642 and is a son of a wealthy…

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  • The Bakufu System

    Topic: The function of Bakufu system in history of Japan Nowadays, people pay more attention to the historical event, and some historical event are unique in the whole world, such as the Chinese emperor control whole china so long time, or the peculiar system at Japan called “the Bakufu system”, this system began at 1185. At 1185, the family of “Taira” fought with the family of “Minamoto”, this two family are the Samurai family at that period, this battle during late Heian-period, and this…

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  • Black Symbolism In Easter Culture: Kinkakuji

    Colors have always been a substantial influence on a person’s mood. In fact, colors can carry specific meanings. Color is not just about aesthetics—it also communicates specific information. The Golden Pavilion is a Zen temple in northern Kyoto whose top two floors are completely covered in gold leaf. In Japanese culture, golden means something very special. Heaven. Westerns, on the contrary, link the same with something very materialistic. Money. But gold is not the only color that has very…

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  • How Did Fukuzawa Yukizawa Influence Western Culture

    Fukuzawa Yukichi was a lower station samurai from Nakatsu, Japan. He wanted to rise vertically on the class rank ladder, which was seemingly impossible in Japan. He thought that Japan was stuck in it’s traditional roots. During the time period western countries and the rest of the world were passing Japan by with new innovations and knowledge. The solution he proposed to solve this issue was education on Western society to create a national independence through personal independence for Japan…

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