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  • Personality Theories: The Big Five Traits

    What is personality? Personality comes from the Latin word persona. It's an different roles or identities. Personality is made up of many characteristic such as, patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and feeling. Personality makes a person unique. According to the "Trait Theory", a person can determine their personality based on the "Big Five Traits" (BFT). The Big Five Traits are openness to experience, conscientiouness, extraversion, agreedable, and neuroticism. Personality theorist call these…

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  • Essay On Reading Memoir

    Reading Memoir When it comes it reading, it is something that I often cherish and embrace. However, I have faced many obstacles to have the reading capability I have today. From humble beginnings, I was muted and was unable to speak my native language Creole or English. Which resulted in some delays in reading development. Once my family and I arrived to the United States it was difficult to adapt to our new setting due to knowing English or us not speaking. During my school days, I had…

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  • Distraction In Language

    Language has been around for many a millennia, but written language has been in use for only the past 3,000 years or so. Written English has been in use for even less than that, but there are many underlying aspects of the language which are overlooked and underappreciated that should be observed more meticulously. Whether it is the medium through which we receive text, Innuendo, underlying connotative meanings, proverbial meanings, or even meaningless words. In today’s day and age, phones and…

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  • Gestural Modality Summary

    Language and the Manual Modality : The Communicative Resilience of the Human Species by Susan Goldin-Meadow is an discussion of manual (motion based) communication amongst humans in both gestural and language-based terms, using an amalgamation of sources concerning both topics. The paper takes special care to draw distinctions between gestural modality which accompanies spoken and modal language, but has no segmental or hierarchical construction of its own, and therefore cannot be construed as a…

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  • The Kiss Kate Chopin Analysis

    Storytelling is ubiquitous across human cultures. There is evidence of longstanding oral tradition through which narratives have been passed down for thousands of years. With the invention of written language came the story’s divergence into two main types, which evolved into the familiar literary and oral formats of modern day. There is no doubt that these two styles share a common ancestor, so to speak, and that they both serve the same basic purpose of transmitting information in a logical…

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  • Comparing Earl And Dianne's Conversational Style

    more confident and steady rate. Her increased rate usually suggests irritation, causing her to occasionally stumble and switch to a slower rate. Dianne’s long pause and varying rate of speech could be due to the fact that English is her second language. This cultural difference also serves as an explanation for Dianne’s occasional interruptions. In her family background, “respect for one’s elders” is a core value, implicating that the “one-up” person’s thoughts take priority over those of…

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  • English Language And Body Language Analysis

    The English language is a very complex language across all its forms. It means one thing to one person and something entirely different to another person even though the same words are spoken or written. Communication is the transfer from one person to another person of information and is open to individual interpretation which can lead to communication issues (Ferraro and Palmer, ND). Language and communication can generally be categorised as both verbal (spoken language) and non-verbal…

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  • Conflict In Banana Heart Summer

    Every story has its own taste. Every storyteller has her own taste; so does every listener. So when I speak in a particular flavor, I know my words taste differently on your tongue. (107) This is exactly how Merlinda Bobis has written her debut novel, “Banana Heart Summer” – unique. It brings readers different kinds of feelings as it presents a far from ordinary life of a young Filipina. It is a novel about an innocent girl who just wants happiness and love but sadly could not fully grasp it.…

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  • The Similarities And Differences Of Manners And Etiquette In Society

    Manners and Etiquette There are so many different types of manners and etiquettes in this world. Both manners and etiquette have its similarities and differences. So what is etiquette, etiquette is defined as good behaviour which differentiate us humans from animals. Manners on the other hand refers to etiquette as a code of social behaviour. Manners and etiquette goes hand in hand but they are not the same. Etiquette can also be known as a set of rules, and manners are an expression of our…

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  • Importance Of Speech Act Theory

    Introduction Language plays an important role in our daily lives. It functions as a medium to transfer information, exchange ideas and give opinions verbally. According to Searle (1976, 16), the act of performing speech acts implies speaking a language. The act of creating statements, commanding and questioning are all part of speech acts. In simple terms, speech acts are in fact the basic units of linguistic communication. Speech acts are not mere artificial linguistic constructs but rather go…

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