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  • Compare And Contrast Qing Dynasty And Ming Dynasty

    It broke from the confucian tradition of wifely fidelity to her husband and portrayed women who were willing to die for love and all but eventually did. In Japanese theater the traditional No play was replaced by a new type of theater called Kabuki, Kabuki emphasised violence music and dramatic gestures. Significantly the new drama emerge not from the rarefied world of the court but from the new world…

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  • Lighting In Theatre

    The history of lighting in theatre began during times of Ancient Greece. Performances were held outside in an open space, the use of natural lights were their primary source of light illumination. The Greek ruins were setup so that only natural light was used. Productions would take place during the day so that sunlight was available. Productions used main theatre layout 'theatre in the round' and plays were done around mid-day so that natural light was at its brightest. Plays were done only…

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  • Analysis Of Macbeth By Yukio Ninagawa

    One of the most known of Shakespeare’s plays that Yukio Ninagawa directed in Japan was Macbeth also known as Ninagawa Macbeth. He used the technique of Kabuki. Ninagawa Macbeth was first played in Japan in 1980, later was performed at the Edinburgh International Festival in 1985 and at the National Theater in London from 1987 and ahead. Ninagawa Macbeth was played many ages after the prototype Macbeth was played and therefore many things have changed like the costumes, and the way that people…

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  • Greek Theatre Vs American Theatre

    going through similar things as them and feel comforted that you are not the only one who feels or has experienced something. Theatre is a form of art that unites all cultures on Earth, as each has their own variant of theatre. For example, Japan has Kabuki theatre, with elaborate, over-the-top performances by the actors. Additionally, Italy created commedia dell’Arte during the Renaissance, with improvised scene and stock characters. Therefore, theatre is a great vehicle for cultures to be…

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  • Dotting Foundation: A Case Study

    Foundation is a colored makeup that comes in both liquid and powder forms. Foundation is used to visually even out skin discolorations, cover flaws, lessen the look of pores, level out skin texture, disguise blemishes and offer a base for other types of makeup. Being a versatile makeup, foundation can be applied in different colors, and styles. For example, foundation can be applied thinly or densely over the skin depending on the coverage needed or it can be selected based on the…

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  • The Geisha Culture In Ancient Greece

    as a prostitute, Kiku gradually developed her artistic skills to a point that she could make a living from performing arts alone. She was well-known as a star dancer, performer, and shamisen player. Shamisen came from the taikomochi; dance from the kabuki stage and other traditions stretching right back to the shirabyoshi. [1] During that time, Kiku was considered to be representing a new form of entertaining company in tastefully refined surroundings. By the eighteenth century, geisha arts were…

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  • Tenmyouya Hisashi Essay

    years ago and create something new and fresh. Tenmyouya Hisashi went as far as to create a whole new style called “BASARA” “which is extravagant as well as extraordinary which embodies a Samurai aesthetic like "Basara" in Nanboku dynasty era and "Kabuki-mono" in the end of Sengoku era. [1]” .One of the people that influenced Hisashi was Taro Okamoto who was born in 1911 but unfortunately he passed away in 1996, Okamoto was a son of a cartoonist. Okamoto had worked as…

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  • Five Case Studies: Circus Observation

    In this study, five case studies that relate to a circus were selected in order to study the functions, circulation and spaces that needs to be implemented into the circus project. The case studies chosen are La Nouba, Zarkana, Le Noir, Circus Vargas and Cirque Eloize. The first case study presents La Nouba. It is a Cirque Du Soleil show in a residence custom built free standing theatre. It is a contemporary circus that features aerial ballet, trapeze, high wire and flying trapeze and other…

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  • Biloxi Blues Play Analysis

    For our gathering execution, our gathering has picked the play Biloxi Blues by the creator Neil Simon. Biloxi Blues was initially performed in theater in late 1984, and won various honor, some of which incorporate the Tony Award for Best Play and Tony Award for Best Direction of a Play. The play is intended to be a parody identifying with power, additionally has some dim subjects to it, for example, bigotry and homophobia which are approaching over the generally entertaining play. The play is…

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  • Postmodernism Influence On Theatre

    How uniformity, deep levels of comprehension, and the yearning to enlighten people intertwine together make theatre everlasting. Even the spelling of theatre compared to theater had a level of comprehension resonating in it. While the term theater is more synonymous with American English, theatre is commonly known on a global scale. While theater can be perceived a form of entertainment and profitable venue, theatre is much more complex than those qualities. Theatre is an art form. Theatre,…

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