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  • Three Main Monotheistic Religions

    rules to humankind through prophets. Prophets literal meaning is “one who speaks for God” they were sent out by god to speak the word of god. There were many famous prophets like Abraham in Canaan, Moses on Mount Sinai, Jesus at the river Jordan, and Muhammad in the Arabian desert. All of these prophets took the holy message from god and inspired the teachings of all of these religions. Judaism is the oldest of all three of these religions. It was made in the second millennium and…

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  • Fairy Tales And Gender Stereotypes

    High School stereotypes don't need to be accepted because everyone has a different personality which is not a bad thing. Stereotypes can drag down performance as researcher Min-Hsiung Huang recently decided to ask different type of men a simple question and all had different answers. Sociologist stated that this was happening because there was ‘race silent’ and which makes the other race feel that white are more superior than blacks. When reminded by a different race about your ethnicities…

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  • Conception Of Authority In Islam

    apply the words and deeds which happens to be the duty of a prophet or messenger like Muhammad. If there was an illegitimate authority or just a divine doctrine for believers to go by, Muslims would justify their own rightfulness…

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  • Do Muslim Women Need Saving?

    In Do Muslim Women Need Saving?, author Lila Abu-Lughod has challenged and discussed contemporary notions of culture, Islam, and universal human rights by addressing the structures, politics, and media that have influenced society, and more precisely, Western society’s understanding of these topics. The message she argues throughout the book attempts to change the ideas the post-9/11 mindset has created about predominately Muslim communities and subsequently, the role of Islam in the oppression…

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  • Religion Vs Organized Religion

    This is probably one of the most controversial topic in the 21st century. From American invasion in Iraq, this has caused terrorism to spread through European countries. The propaganda that Western European and American media such as fox news created throughout the world has caused Islam to be viewed as nothing more than instruments of terrorism. Charlie Hebdo, who was killed during the Paris attacks in 2014, could be one of the individual who is an primary example of the one who is involved in…

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  • Life Of Ali Research Paper

    Ali’s close partisan constitutes the Shi’at Ali, along with the general Islamic belief in Allah, Muhammad's message, and the Quran. The Shiites believe in the Imam as the true leader of faith and the veritable interpreter of the Quran. According to the Shia doctrine, the prophet-- shortly before he died, appointed Ali as the leader of the community and initiated him into the esoteric aspects and the mysteries of faith, and also his particular designated descendants, in turn, inherited this…

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  • Religious Diversity Paper

    This paper is about my experience of religious diversity issue which I faced at the filtration process/entrance of my under graduate education. India is a country of various cultures and diversities in religion. Dating back to 1500 BC, There existed 4 categories of people namely Brahmins, Kshatriyas, vyshyas and shudras in the society (mentioned in the decreasing sequence of their social hierarchy). The shudras/untouchables were typically designated as labor class and performed menial jobs.…

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  • ISIS Is Not Islam

    Starting with the President of the United States Barrack Obama, and His Secretary of State John Cary, as well as a plethora of Islamic group leaders in North America have expressed that though ISIS may call themselves Islamic, they are not to be related to the Islam religion as a whole, rather they are considered as non-Islamic or radicals of…

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  • Shi Ite Faction

    The Shi'ite faction and the Sunni faction are two branches of Islam that consist of different views on who should become the next successor to Muhammad. The major split of these two branches happened when Muhammad died. He did not have anyone to his heir, but Muhammad did have a daughter. Many of the Islamic people disagreed to have a woman to his heir. That was one of the biggest reasons why the Sh'ite faction and the Sunni faction, because they disagreed on who should be the rightful heir.…

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  • Water: The Epic Struggle For Wealth, Power, And Civilization

    Scarcity and Expansion In chapter six of Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization, water affects the Middle East and peripheral lands through social and economic development. This development deals with trade, agriculture, war, and customs in the region as water became essential to the success of Islamic civilization. The first hurdles of Islamic civilization were to overcome the scarcity of water in the Middle East, and afterwards ingrained ideals of water remained as a…

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