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  • Five Pillars Of Islam Essay

    five pillars. These pillars lay out a general guideline for how to act and believe in the Islamic faith (“Five Pillars” 1). The first pillar is called Shahadah, which means faith. Under this pillar, each Muslim acknowledges the belief in God and Muhammad as a prophet. Second is Salat, which lays out the amount of prayer required for Muslims which is five times per day facing Mecca plus communal worship on Friday. Zalat, the third pillar, refers to charity expected from each Muslim. The fourth…

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  • Defeating Jihad The Winnable War Analysis

    Amena Mamoon Professor Mathews Western Civilization November 6, 2017 The novel “Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War” by Sebastian Gorka, is a novel that explains how the war on terror “is eminently winnable if we remove our ideological blinders, accurately name our enemy, and draw up a strategy to defeat the ideas that inspire terrorism.” (Gorka) I found this book to be slightly racist. As a Muslim, I understand what Jihad really means. Yes, it translates to holy war, however in the holy…

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  • Essay On Christianity And Islam

    Christianity and Islam's understanding of God God is a higher form of life and spirit, which can be understood through the core beliefs of world religions and what they are based on. Christianity and Islam are two religions who both have a different understanding of God. Christianity and the Islamic faith are both religions that have a belief of a God, the almighty father. These religions are believers of monotheism, there is only one God which followers worship. Both Muslims and Christians…

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  • Islam The Sender Disbeliefs

    unique, but also perfect, but otherwise the human being pursues lust and does not go along with nature, the promise of God. Islam is revealed to all people. The arrival of Islam is to change the way of life to the worse to become morality. Prophet Muhammad is the sender…

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  • Summary Of The Rhetorics Of Sulh By Rasha Diab

    In the seventh century, the different tribes in the city of Yathrib fought and persecuted one another over religion, territory, and economic gain that created chaos in the region. In order to restore peace within the tribes, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) created a new peaceful city-state and instituted the Constitution of Medina, which provides equal protection of all citizens regardless of their differences. The C.M. confirms the importance of respecting and preserving “the rights…

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  • The Struggle For The Soul Of A Religion

    American Islam: The Struggle for the Soul of a Religion In the book, American Islam: The Struggle for the Soul of a Religion, author Paul Barret introduces the reader to the hardships and hurdles of 7 different Muslims. Barrett is able to capture the voice of different views and life experiences, and open the eyes of the reader to what exactly it is to be an American Muslim. Having been published only 5 years after the 9/11 attacks, Barrett digs deep to show the world, that we have plenty to…

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  • Hagiographic Story Of Aziz Al Saksawiyya

    The primary hagiographic story of ‘Aziz al Saksawiyya is the one found in the hagiographic work entitled Uns al-Faqir Wa izz al Hakir (the Intimacy of the Sufi and the greatness of the Denigrated) by the Sufi jurist ‘Abd al-Aziz ibn al-khatib who is known by the name of ibn Qunfudh (14th century). As we saw before this hagiographic record is a compilation of saints, Sufis and holy people belonging to Morocco and other Maghrebian countries. It includes only saints who were disciples of the axial…

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  • Morality Vs Morality Research Paper

    Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Faqeer 2005200105 Main Project Sources: - - - - - The Holy Qura'an - - Morality vs. Immorality Morals... As a common human factor of values and virtues that God created us and shaped us with. All of humanity kinds acknowledge in these values and virtues. It is commonly agreed and there is a special philosophy for these moral values in each nation, era, heritage…

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  • Muhammad Role Model

    The life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is full of countless examples that show his status as a role model for Muslim societies and individuals. His life is one that was dominated by a superior morality, good habits, noble and gentle feelings and superior skills, all of which are characteristics that help prevent people from getting entangled in a web of sin. To believe totally in a subject is to place ones faith in that belief. Some might say that because I am of the Muslim faith, I…

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  • The Ottoman Empire: The Rise Of The Ottoman Empire

    The Ottoman Empire, was an empire created by some Turkish Tribes at the end of the 13th Century, in the North-Western Anatolia. The Ottomans were known as warriors for the faith of Islam, who were inspired and sustained by Islam and Islamic Institutions. The Ottomans most successful period was between the 16th and 17th centuries. During this period, the Ottoman Empire expanded out over three continents. This covers what we know today as Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia,…

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