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  • If You Were Sentenced To Life For Rape What Would You Do?

    If you were sentenced to life for rape what would you do? Especially if you’re not the real suspect. July 25, 1984 in Burlington NC, Jennifer Thompson home was broken into and a suspect was armed with a knife and told her shut up or he will kill her and she was raped. Jennifer studied the features of the rapist so if she lives he’ll go to prison. Jennifer tricked her rapist into thinking she was going to fix him a drink, and she ran out…

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  • Oj Simpson Case Analysis

    After the media had been talking O.J. Simpson for months and months there was a survey done of the most people who would believe O.J. innocent and the results came out that black women would be more likely to believe that Simpson was innocent (Linder). The ending jury pool for this case were eight out of the twelve jurors were black female. In order for anyone one be convicted there must be a unanimous decision of the twelve jurors. With those odds, O.J. Simpsons chance of receiving a fair and…

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  • O. J Simpson Trial: How The Media And Race Influenced The Decision

    The O.J. Simpson Trial: How the Media and Race Influenced the Decision The legal decision of The People versus O.J. Simpson forever changed legal proceedings in our country, and is regarded as one of the most controversial court rulings in American history. The murder trial was unique due to the high profile status of the people involved, the circumstances surrounding the crime, and the media attention that the case received from the media. The crime occurred in 1994 Los Angeles, a racially…

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  • Similarities Between Mark Fuhrman And James Zadroga

    Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation act after his death. Helping out hundreds of people and their sicknesses because of the attack. Fuhrman spent 20 years in the police force. Many didn’t look up to him, for they thought he was a racist. After the OJ Simpson trial that he lost for putting false evidence in an active crime scene, they also brought up the fact that 10 years before he was put on video of say the n-word to African Americans. After the trial Fuhrman wrote 7 crime books about things…

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  • Eyewitness Testimony Analysis

    Ronald was hearing rumors about Pool admitting he raped Thompson, so Ronald went to court again. Again, Cotton was found guilty and sent to spend the rest of his life in jail. Another seven years went by, and Cotton was paying attention to the OJ Simpson case. Cotton learned about DNA, so he went back to court for a third time. After spending eleven years in prison, Cotton was finally found not guilty because the DNA matched Bobby Pool. Cotton is not the only person who spent time in prison…

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  • Oj Simpson Case

    Is Orenthal James Simpson guilty of committing the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown? If you think they are, you agree with the 83 percent of white people and 57 percent of black people who believe OJ Simpson is guilty for the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman (Ross). Orenthal James “OJ” Simpson also known as the “The Juice” was a player in the NFL who played for the Buffalo Bills. Simpson was tried for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and Ron Goldman, a friend of Nicole.…

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  • Maloy Vs. Burlington: Case Study

    After reviewing all the evidence I have come to the conclusion that Matthew Maloy Murdered Robert Burlington. I have come to this conclusion using entomology and through the use of fingerprint, blood, tire track, and hair analysis. The fingerprint tests´ showed us that the only people who touched the bloody tire iron were Nicole Burlington and Matthew Maloy. Nicole Burlington is the spouse of the victim so her touching the item is reasonable but Matthew Maloy touching it is strange especially…

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  • Domestic Violence: The OJ Simpson Case

    Is there more awareness in domestic violence since the OJ Simpson case? Did Nicole know that she was going to be murdered ahead of time? Was there anything that could have been done to prevent this? What are the rights of Nicole’s family? All of these plus many more are questions that have come up since this tragedy 22 years ago. This case had much to do with the Violence Against Women Act being passed by Congress in 1994. There was a pattern of violence from OJ towards Nicole and this should…

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  • Oj Simpson Case Study Essay

    laws and techniques with the processes used in the OJ Simpson case. In addition, I will recommend preventions for future cases as well as illustrate the connection between stalking, intimate violence, and homicide. Furthermore, I will apply the victimology and criminology theory that best fits the case and explain the use of lethality or danger assessments by law enforcement. Lastly, I will identify facts that show lethality signs in the Simpson case and create a lethality or danger…

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  • Oj Simpson Murder Case

    Why would a successful football star throw his life away? OJ Simpson, who previously and still continually accused of murdering Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, was an American Football Star Player, winning the Heisman Trophy in 1968. Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were both murdered outside of Nicole’s condo, and many believe it was OJ, but was it really? In the controversial court case of OJ Simpson, the verdict correctly appointed him innocent and acquitted him of the murders of Nicole Brown and…

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