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  • Orenthal James Simpson Case

    Orenthal James Simpson, also known as O.J., or the Juice. Was born on “July 9, 1947, in San Francisco, California (” Mr. Simpson was a star football player at the University of South California won the Heisman Trophy in 1968. This trophy is awarded annually to the most outstanding player in college football in the United States. He eventually ended up being drafted to the Buffalo Bulls and then with the San Francisco 49ers as a running back for 11 seasons. This gained this…

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  • How To Write An Argumentative Essay On Jonbenet's Death

    JonBenet Ramsey’s death is one of the most compelling cases in the history of the FBI. Jonbenet was just six years old when she was killed. She was born in 1990 and killed in 1996. She was mainly famous for her pageants that she participated in, winning six total. Nobody knows how JonBenet truly died, and more information is still being discovered to this day. There are many theories on her death and what happened. There are the common theories saying that her parents killed her, a stranger…

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  • Essay On Oj Simpson's Impact On Society

    Armstrong, OJ Simpson, and Tiger Woods impacted US society both positively and negatively. Lance Armstrong impacted the US by his foundation, his comeback story from cancer, and his infamous seven straight Tour de France wins, but fell from grace when he admitted using performance-enhancing drugs. Tiger Woods impacted the US by overcoming prejudice and racism in his childhood and winning multiple major championships, but fell from grace when he guilty of cheating on his wife Ellin. OJ Simpson…

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  • Oj Simpson Trial

    O.J. Simpson was a household name before the trial. Most people in my generation doesn't understand that neither did I. All I knew him for was being on trial for doing something to his wife. And me being a huge sports fan never knew he was a heisman trophy winning running back and an NFL superstar. His stardom was the biggest the world has ever seen. Not only was he great on the field his off the field presence was just as good. He became a really famous actor as well starring in the Naked gun…

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  • Analysis Of The O. J. Simpson Trial

    The O.J. Simpson trial is one of the most infamous trials in this country’s history. The jury’s decision of the trial completely shocked the people of the United States and across the world. People were glued to their televisions as the trial carried on. The verdict of the O.J. Simpson trial was wronged by many factors. Starting with the race of the suspect, to the selection of the jury, concluding with the prosecution’s failure to collect all of the substantial information and evidence to prove…

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  • O. J. Simpson: Football Star Or Killer

    loved people was found dead along with one of her best friends. Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman had been murdered, but who killed them. The evidence clearly shows that O.J. Simpson committed the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, even though he was found not guilty (Linder). Orenthal James “O.J.” Simpson was a famous football player that was married to model Nicole Brown (OJ: The Untold Story). O.J. was always very jealous of Nicole and if he couldn’t have her then no one…

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  • Crime Scene Research Paper

    Abstract I responded to a homicide scene that took place at a nearby gas station/convenience store at 0300 hrs. When I arrived, I was immediately briefed about what has taken place at this scene. There was a mother, a child, and an employee that witnessed the event. I was also informed that there was also a deceased on scene. Upon entering the crime scene the following evidence came to light: a dead body with a piercing created by a gun round, a lottery ticket that contained blood and smeared…

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  • Barry Scheck Case

    court as well as sued in civil court. Then in 1995 Scheck joined the O.J. Simpson trial. Earning him large amounts of publicity. Scheck was the DNA examiner for the O.J. case.He crossed the LAPD criminalist Yamauchi. Schecks cross of Yamauchi helped turn the case around by pinpointing improper evidence collection by the LAPD. He helped the rest of the “Dream Team” get Simpson acquitted of the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron…

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  • The OJ Simpson Trial Of The Century

    The OJ Simpson murder trial is often regarded as the trial of the century, but was it actually? There are many questions in this trial that will be highlighted, like the evidence against OJ, and how he got the cut on his hand, and why the prosecution made OJ try on the bloody gloves. Also, was there another killer? Could it have been OJ’s son, Jason Simpson? Finally, why was the black community so overwhelmed when OJ was acquitted? First, what evidence was found that would make people believe…

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  • Homicide Investigation: The O. J. Simpson Case

    investigative processes is that of the O.J. Simpson case…

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